Prime Ministers Scholarship


The Prime Minister’s Scholarship is administered by Education New Zealand, and is awarded to individuals or groups undertaking programmes in Asia and Latin America. It is a prestigious scholarship which covers tuition or programme fees, return flights and a living allowance.

The scholarship aims to:

  • Strengthen New Zealand institutions’ connections with their counterparts in key Asian countries
  • Promote understanding of the strength and quality of New Zealand’s education system and raise awareness of New Zealand as a preferred education destination
  • Improve the international skills of the New Zealand workforce
  • Strengthen people-to-people connections between New Zealand and countries in Asia through participants building lifelong friendships and networks.
  • Strengthen New Zealand’s ability to engage with key trading partners
  • Improve New Zealanders’ understanding of key trading partner’s business practice and culture



Long-term, Prime Minister’s Scholars are expected to:

  • Apply their skills, knowledge and abilities
  • Embrace different cultural contexts
  • Develop as genuine, respectful global citizens
  • Use their skills, knowledge and networks to contribute to engagement and cooperation between New Zealand and key trading partners



There are two application rounds per year, with deadlines on 30 March and 30 August. To apply, visit: The 360 International team runs two workshops each year to help students prepare their applications. Please email us if you are interested in attending a workshop.


Applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old at the date of applying for the scholarship, AND
  • Be a New Zealand citizen or hold Permanent Resident status and in all cases be ordinarily resident in New Zealand, i.e., have resided in NZ for 12 of the previous 24 months.


If you are interested in taking part in a funded group programme, talk to the 360 International team.