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This group of adventurous University of Auckland students went abroad in Semester 2, 2017. If you have any specific questions about their exchange destination feel free to get in touch by using their email address.

Harriet – Jean Moulin University

HarrietSalut everyone, I’m Harriet! I am in my third and (hopefully) final year of a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in French and FTVMS, and am heading off to spend my last semester at Jean Moulin University in Lyon, France. I have always been passionate about (read: obsessed with) French culture and language, so finally having the chance to live there is an absolute dream come true for me. Lyon, from what I can tell from my avid google searches, is a stunning city on the banks of two rivers, and is often labelled the capital of gastronomy, so I can tell I’m in for a treat! I can’t wait to share my experience in Lyon and adventures elsewhere with all of you!

Rena – Fukuoka Women’s University

REnaHiya I’m Rena! I am currently a second year majoring in English and Film, Television and Media Studies as well as taking a Diploma of Language programme in Japanese. This September, I will be studying at Fukuoka Women’s University and staying at the International Friendship House Nadeshiko. I am so excited to explore this city’s rich culture and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all!


Shirley – McGill University

ShirleyHey everyone! My name is Shirley and I am so incredibly excited to share my exchange and travel memories with you to hopefully inspire those who want an experience like this. As a third year BE Honours student doing Civil and Environmental Engineering, writing and photography is completely different to my academic skills but has always given me the motivation to capture any amazing moment which comes by. It gives me a creative outlet to share those stories not just with others, but for me to later look back and reminisce to. If you’re interested in more, take a look on my personal blog ( and keep checking back here for more updates on my adventures at McGill University in Montreal, Canada for Fall 2017.

Marie – Seoul National University

MarieHey, I’m Marie. I’m currently in my third year of a conjoint Bachelor of Engineering/Commerce, and for Semester Two of this year I’m heading abroad to study at Seoul National University in South Korea! I love to travel, so join me on this next adventure as I experience this insane, 24 hour culture. I’m so excited to experience a semester abroad, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you all!


Bianca – University of Oviedo

BiancaHi there! I am Bianca, I am in the middle of my second year of a conjoint Arts and Science degree. I am off to Northern Spain, home to Cider houses, fresh seafood and an incredible coastline. Follow me as I get to grips with a new country, culture and language!



Matt – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

MatthewHiya! My name is Matt, and I’m currently a third-year BA/BCom student at the University of Auckland. This semester, I will be heading off to the USA to study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I am very excited to start this new chapter in my life as I will be finding out what it is like to experience a true American college lifestyle. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you guys and I hope you will enjoy every bit of my journey.

Tim – University College Dublin

TimHi, I’m Tim! Hailing from the might south in Dunedin I moved to Wellington for high school and then the University of Auckland to study a conjoint BA/BE in Civil Engineering and French. Being half way through my 5 year degree I thought there was no better time to run away to University College Dublin for the second half of 2017! My interests include playing in a Pipe Band, participating in Model United Nations, and getting lost off the beaten track. I hope to share with you some of my adventures across Ireland and Europe, and we might just find a pot of gold along the way!


John – Nanyang Technological University

John updatedJohn is living the life of an exchange student in Singapore at Nanyang Technological University. John decided to go on an exchange because he strives to go on new adventures and face exciting challenges. That is also one of the reasons why he chose Singapore. It’s a fast-moving, multi-cultural and exciting island located at the warm equator. Usually, you will find him exploring new subjects, music, towns or mountains either by himself or with his friends. Knowing John, he likes to be in control of his finances. That is why he is studying Commerce, majoring in Accounting, Commercial Law and Taxation. If John could only have one tool for the rest of his life, it would be his camera. The camera is an extension of his eyes, enabling him to show others the exciting and wonderful moments that otherwise will be gone forever.

Lin – Queen’s University

LinHey there, Lin here! I’m a fourth year BA/BCom conjoint undergraduate majoring in Psychology, Asian Studies, International Business and Management. I’ve been putting off going on exchange for so long and am finally going to Queens University in Canada. I’ll be doing mostly International Business papers whilst on an exchange. Join me as I satisfy my foodie cravings with Tim Hortons, poutine, ice wine and so much more! I’ll also be updating my personal IG: linsayshi (feel free to stalk) and feel free to let me know if there’s anything, in particular, you want to hear about!
P.S: you can also reach me at or
Looking forward to travelling with you (in a cyber way?)

Daryn – University of Virginia

Auckland Abroad DarynHi everyone! I’m Daryn and I will be studying Economics abroad at the University of Virginia’s College of Arts and Sciences for the 2017 Fall Semester. I am in my fifth year of a Civil Engineering and Commerce conjoint degree. Join me as I explore the UVA grounds (America’s first and only college World Heritage Site) and the university town of Charlottesville, named the United States’ happiest city!



This group of adventurous University of Auckland students went abroad in Semester 1, 2017. If you have any specific questions about their exchange destination feel free to get in touch by using their email address.


Zofia – The University of Edinburgh


Hi! I’m Zofia. I’ve just finished my second year at the University of Auckland, studying a conjoint Bachelor of Commerce/Science degree. In the New Year, I’m heading across the world to Edinburgh, Scotland for my semester abroad. Join me as I learn to love tartan, haggis and whisky in the depths of a Scottish winter! Everyone I’ve spoken to who has been to Edinburgh fell in love instantly, so I’m excited to experience it myself and share that with you all.


Bryar – Sophia University


Hi everyone! My name is Bryar and I’m on exchange in Japan from April 2017. I’ll be living in Tokyo for a full year, studying commerce at Sophia University and staying in Soshigaya International House – a university dorm. A little bit about me; I was born and grew up in Auckland but lived in Japan for a year during high school – that year really gave me my interest in culture and love of travelling. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Spain and South Africa and hope to see many more places yet. In my spare time you’ll probably find me reading, writing, gaming or chilling out with my earphones on. I’m really looking forward to the year ahead, the people I’ll meet, the places I’ll go and the new experiences I’ll discover, and I’m especially excited to share my adventures with all of you guys!

If you’re keen to read a bit more about what I’m getting up to, you’re welcome to check out my personal blog -> or if you wanna know something more specific about Japan, Sophia University, the dorm I’m staying in or anything else, feel free to drop me an email.


Courtney- King’s College London


Hi! I’m Courtney and I’m a fourth year BA/BCom student majoring in Marketing, Managment and Psychology. I’ll be heading over to King’s College London in England in January 2017 for a semester! Join me on my travels through London, the UK and Europe as I share my experiences with you all!


Freya – The University of Amsterdam

Hoi! I’m Freyfreyaslessora, a fourth year Law/Arts student, majoring in History and Politics. I’m going to be heading over to University of Amsterdam to study History. Follow me as I get stuck into campus life, navigate Dutch culture and cuisine, and visit all the amazing attractions that make Amsterdam famous (that’s right, the canals and galleries)!


Olivier – The University of Amsterdam


Hallo! I’m Olivier and I’m about to start my sixth and final year of University. I’m a law and engineering conjoint student and I’m off to the bright lights of Amsterdam on exchange in January 2017! I will be studying International Law at the University of Amsterdam and I simply can’t wait to get started! Check in with me as I travel across Northern Europe and learn to live in one of the most liberal countries in the world!


Elizabeth – The University of Nottingham


Hi everyone, I’m Elizabeth! After several years in Auckland, I’m off to start my fifth year of a law/arts degree at the University of Nottingham. I’ve wanted to visit England for as long as I can remember and am beyond excited that I get to live there for six months. Nottingham is home to Robin Hood, Wayne Manor from The Dark Knight Rises, and (if the university’s Instagram account I’ve been religiously stalking is anything to go by) an absolutely stunning university campus. I’m so excited to be sharing my experience eating and laughing my way through England with you (and maybe learning something about the English legal system while I’m at it)!


Aimee – The University of California


Aimee is a 4th year BA/BCom student majoring in Music, Marketing and International Business. When she is not studying, she enjoys analyzing skincare ingredients, listening to music, drawing and stalking travel accounts on Instagram. She is currently enrolling to study at UCLA in Winter-Spring 2017


Victor – Hong Kong University


In this photo I was at Ohakune for skiing, and they had this carrot as shown here which was huge, as the town has an abundance of carrot farms. I just had to take a picture with that, and so here it is! May this photo be the symbol for my love of travel and the spirit of discovery!

I have Chinese parents and was born right here in Auckland, but I went back to China when I was just several months old. I grew up in China until about third grade before I moved back to New Zealand, so my mother tongue is actually Chinese and English is my second language. The main reason for moving back was my parents felt that they wanted to give me a proper childhood with the added benefit of being able to learn English in a beautiful environment. I thank my parents very much for their decision, as I cannot imagine having a better childhood than growing up in this lovely country.

My hobbies include reading, playing computer games, travelling, skiing and playing my guitar as well as badminton. Films and music are also my thing, and I’m especially into Tarantino movies and old rock music at the moment. I would say I’m a pretty quiet, somewhat shy person that likes to keep to himself, so naturally activities such as reading and writing appeals to me profoundly. I’m hoping that this exchange can challenge me to be more social and open to new and unknown things, and make plenty of new friends along the way.


Emily – Lund University


A nineteen year old girl who has definitely caught the travel bug. Studying my conjoint Marketing and Film Production degree in Lund, Sweden. I have a passion for filmmaking and photography so tune into this blog for regular GoPro travel videos and more! Bring on Europe 2017!