David: Final Reflections


The video below is a video about myself reflecting back on my exchange experience and a little tour around the University of Melbourne.

Also! Some advice for future exchange students considering coming to Australia and looking study at the University of Melbourne.


If you happen to live in the CBD area where University of Melbourne is located, I suggest that you use the free trams that goes around the CBD. It will save you a lot of money!

Also, unlike New Zealand, I think food delivery culture is amazing in Melbourne. You could order, pretty much any food around your area through Uber eats, Menulog, Deliveroo, Doordash, and more. So when you are busy and don’t have time to cook food, or just a little lazy to go out, getting foods delivered to your home would be a smart way to save time and energy!

Academic Life

In terms of academic life at the University of Melbourne. They use the same learning system, Canvas (pretty sure most of the Universities around the world use Canvas!), so everything should be familiar.

In terms of Workload, the length of the lectures are also the same as UoA. For a 3rd year course (they call it subjects here) it is a standard 2 hour lectures and 1 hour tutorials per week. The assignments are pretty much the same too. I am majoring in Criminology and Sociology, and it is the usual essays that you have to write. But the main difference that I found was that at the University of Melbourne, the amount of weekly readings you have to do is a bit more than UoA and most of the courses also have a hurdle requirement, which means that you have to attend a minimum of 75% of tutorials to pass the papers. This forces you to really read your readings to be engaged in tutorials.

The lecture delivery format is also the same (this is during lockdown), the lectures are delivered live through Zoom and are also recorded. But for one of my papers, they have seminars instead of lectures, where there are a lot more discussions and interactions with other students and the lecturer.

This is all from me! I hope my videos and posts have helped you to decide whether you would want to come to Australia and study at the University of Melbourne.

Thank you for reading my posts!


David: Exchange Student’s Life in Lockdown

Hi everyone its David here again!

Just an update on my exchange journey, Melbourne is still in lockdown, and with the re-introduction of curfews in Melbourne, I had to spend most of my time at home and alone for the past few weeks. While it is sad and disappointing, at the same time I am really looking forward to when the lockdown eases and eventually lifts. The lockdown restrictions are due to ease when the state hits a 70% first dose vaccination rate which is expected on the 23rd of September. I am really anticipating for this date and have been planning on all the things that I will do when the lockdown eases. Fingers crossed!

Below is a video that I created which captures a special day that I celebrated during my student exchange in Melbourne. Although I spent my birthday alone during lockdown, thanks to technology, I was able to have a good time with facetiming and spending time with my family 😊

While there are not many exciting things to do during lockdown (except exercising, going for walks and buying groceries), the video captures footages of my walk along the Yarra river which runs through Melbourne.

Hope you enjoy watching the video!


David: The Start of My Exchange Student Journey

Hello Everyone!

It is Day-21 in Melbourne.

As you may have heard already, Melbourne was in lockdown from the 15th of July (which was the very next day after I arrived!) to the 27th of July.

One of the things that I learned through this sudden lockdown is that things never go the way you planned! I never had in mind that Melbourne would go into lockdown and when it did, my plans were ruined and all the university events along with the Welcome Day for Exchange Students were cancelled. But looking back, I believe the lockdown actually helped me to settle well in Melbourne and gave me the time to reflect and plan what I want to do and achieve during my exchange in Melbourne.

Below is a video that I created which has footages from when I left Auckland airport to the first day in Melbourne!

Please check out the video for my experience and the start of my exchange journey!

Hope you enjoy it!