360 International Ambassadors

Ella – St Andrew’s University


Kia Ora Lads and Lasses,

Your average white looking Maori is about to take on the prestige of Scotland’s oldest University, the University of Saint Andrews. Just like Kate Middleton I too am venturing to Saint Andrews in Scotland with hopes to snatch a Royal and live a luxurious care free life in castles with servants! ‘I WISH’. I’m about to pack my hunting and fishing gears, woolen socks and rough kiwi accent, fly across the globe and go swimming with the Loch Ness monster and eat some Haggis. Hailing from the Mighty Taranaki and straight out of a Maori boarding school I am going to make my third year studying a BA/BCom conjoint in Scotland one to remember.

Lauren – Tec de Monterrey

lauren.jpg¡Hola! I’m Lauren and in early January I will begin my third year of a Bachelor of Commerce at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Guadalajara, Mexico! I have always wanted to go on an exchange and Mexico is the perfect destination to challenge myself and spice things up. Guadalajara is known for mariachi music and tequila, and I am so excited to experience the exotic and colourful culture. Looking forward to sharing my adventures with you!

John – National University of Singapore

john.JPGHey guys!! I’m John and I’m a second year BCom student majoring in Accounting and Finance (yay. numbers.) I chose Singapore as my exchange destination because it is what I feel as the central business hub of Asia and having experience in Singapore would be great for me. Also, taking a one semester exchange would be like a treat for me to take some pressure off (e.g. GPA) and enjoy my life. Tbh, I’m half excited and half afraid to experience a different lifestyle in a country where everyone would be strangers. Still, I look forward to making new friends there so I hopefully don’t end up crying in my dorm all day 🙂 I aim to make the most of my experience at Singapore and I’m looking forward to share with all of you what it’s like to live in the city/country.

Atharva – University of Southampton

Hi there! My name is Atharva and I’m a first year doing a BSc Double Major in Biological and Anthropological Sciences. For my second year, I will be studying at the University of Southampton in the UK for both Semester 1 and 2 of 2018. Southampton is a small city (a bit smaller than Auckland) and sits along the English Channel coast. The city has a rich maritime past with vessels such as the Titanic setting sail from its port. In my year at Southampton, I hope to explore its history, sights and the local food. So, I heartily invite you to watch me trip and stumble through my adventures and then recover smoothly (its all about the recovery), as I write a pretty casual and totally relatable blog, recounting the haps (and the odd mishap) of my year abroad.

Lucy – Yonsei University

Lucy Lucy.jpgHi! My name is Lucy and I am a third year student studying a Law and Commerce Conjoint degree! I decided to grab the opportunity to go on an exchange to Yonsei, Korea next semester! I am Korean born and New Zealand raised. So I really look forward for this opportunity to revisit Korea and experience the diverse culture that I am only vaguely familiar with. I plan to take advantage of a lot of travel opportunities during my stay in Korea. Although Yonsei is located in the central area of Seoul, I want to travel to a lot of rural and historically significant places where the deep roots of Korean history originates. I can’t wait to share many exciting stories that I hope will spark your interest in not only Korea but also the idea of studying and travelling abroad!

Cathy – University of Glasgow

caitHeya! I’m Cathy and I’ll be spending semester 1 of my 4th year at the University of Glasgow in Scotland! I’m studying a Bachelor of Health Sciences/ Bachelor of Science conjoint, and while all my friends are graduating, I thought this would be the perfect time during my degree to jet off to the other side of the world. My interests include hiking, rosé and board games involving trivia. Watch this space for all my travel adventures, antics and possible Loch Ness Monster sightings.

Tate – Trinity College Dublin


Hello, hello – I’m Tate! I’m a second year BA/LLB conjoint student majoring in English and European Studies – and I’ll be embracing the Arts side of things at Trinity College Dublin this semester. I’ve visited Ireland before and am so glad to be calling it my home for five months, so stay tuned for all the craic, unparalleled scenery, and insight into central Dublin life!


Caitlin – Universidad de Chile

ca!Hola todos y todas! My name is Caitlin and I’m off to spend 6 months living in Latin America, in the vibrant city of Santiago, Chile! I am halfway through a BMus/BA degree, majoring in Classical Performance and Psychology, and I thought what better way to prolong entering the world of real adult jobs than to spend half a year exploring the rich culture of South America. I am super excited to share with you all my experiences of seeing new places, meeting new people and (hopefully) learning some Spanish while I’m there!


Alice – University of British Columbia

aliHey everyone, I’m Alice! I’ve decided to spend the third year of my rollercoaster of an Arts and Commerce degree at the University of British Columbia, Canada, for a change of pace and a fresh perspective. Although I will inevitably spend some time studying, the two things I’m most looking forward to are drinking at a different Vancouver coffee shop every single week for the entire fifty-two weeks, and snapping enough gram-worthy shots of the beautiful scenery to keep me going for months after I get home. Stay tuned for coffee reviews, debunked myths, and surely just enough FOMO to convince you to apply for next year. À bientôt!