Tim : My Faves

Yet another month of lockdown, Youtube, and face masks. Even though we haven’t seen Melbourne in its full glory, it’s definitely a great place to be in lockdown. Despite all the restrictions, we’ve been trying to make the most of being in this beautiful city. Here are some of my favourite things I’ve done so far.


The discovery of Lime eBikes has changed the game for us. A day pass is $17 which is a great deal if you want to see the city. However, maybe read up on how the pass works because I got charged $40 for doing it wrong. These electric bikes make riding effortless. Not to mention, it’s fun to go fast effortlessly. We rode along the capital city trail, to Albert Park, St Kilda beach, and Brighton beach. I highly recommend the capital city trail as you get to experience the scenic views of the city as well as the lush nature along the Yarra River. 


Melbourne has stunning beaches whether you’re looking for a cute stroll across the sand, have a calm picnic, or catch covid from the crowds of unmasked people. All the beaches are connected so I enjoyed biking along the coastline from one beach to the next.


Most of the food places have been underwhelming. I don’t know if it’s because we picked bad places or the takeaway containers make the food taste much worse. However, I have really enjoyed a couple of dessert places. My favourites have been a gelato place called Pidapipo and the Instagram worthy desserts served at Scoopy. 

Melbourne is such a vibrant place and I would love to come back very soon. Hopefully, the restrictions ease up a bit so I can see more of what the city has to offer and maybe even a bit more of Australia 👀👀. 


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