Rameen: HEX Great Global Challenge (July 2021)

The Great Global Challenge was a great opportunity to showcase the skills I have developed throughout my university life and to also learn new skills that will help me in the future. We got to attend workshops that helped me to complete the project. The main goal of the week-long project was to ‘Protect Human Rights in the Post-Truth World’. We had to work with an international team to brainstorm solutions to an identified problem, make a prototype and pitch the idea to experienced founders.

The programme helped me learn how to navigate time zones as I had team members in the USA, UK and Australia, build my network by providing opportunities to meet students and mentors from around the world and use technology like Miro, Wix, Slack and Mural. It was a great way to learn about market research and product validation which helped me in developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset. We had two checkpoints due everyday but due to the global team, we were able to submit everything on time.

One of the most important skills that I developed was how to work in a team. I have learned that there are times when not all the people in a team are as dedicated as you are or their goals and motivation levels are completely different to yours. There can be different issues that might arise when the team is not working properly, for example, missing checkpoints. This is where I learned that sometimes you need to step up, take the role of a leader, discuss the issues with your teammates and see how you can fix them. These experiences will surely help me in my professional life as the field I aspire to work in is very team oriented. There were times when I would have to stay up for a 1am workshop or wake up at 4am to make sure that everything was completed and submitted but I know that every experience during those 6 days was a lesson.

I would definitely encourage students from all faculties and stages to take part in various virtual activities as they might end up learning a new skill, make a connection that might help them land their next job or simply make a new friend on the other side of the world. I am very grateful for this opportunity and would like to see more programmes like the Great Global Challenge offered to aspiring students.

Great Global Challenge — HEX

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