Sasa: My favourite things in Melbourne

I thought it would be fitting to dedicate my 3rd and last blog to all my favourite things to do in Melbourne, lockdown edition. I feel quite at home here by now and I have a lot of love for this beautiful city 🙂

-The following is in no particular order-


Anyone who knows me knows how excited I get about food. Melbourne truly is multicultural and any kind of food you want that exists in the world will probably also be found in Melbourne.

Sadly, I haven’t eaten out as much as I wanted to because of lockdown (takeaways don’t hit the same) but regardless, here we go

  1. Getting the famous hot jam donuts and some coffee from Queen Victoria Market and having a picnic at Flagstaff Gardens. You get to watch people making the donuts from scratch in the food truck and it is like no other donut I have known. I have literally gone to bed thinking about these donuts and been so excited to wake up so I can get more donuts that I can’t go to sleep. Plus they’re only $1.50 a donut
  1. Queen Vic market itself is worth a mention for the amazing produce it sells – if you go ~an hour before closing you can get some really cheap deals (once got a whole tray of strawberries there for $2)
  2. Lune – Sells amazing croissants and other pastries. Worth the hype and the cost I reckon, but definitely wouldn’t go regularly.
  3. Gelateria Primavera – Shout out to Prina for taking me here <3, their gelato isn’t heavy and rich like most gelatos, more balanced and light and ideal to eat on a sunny day in Carlton Gardens
  4. Max Brenner hot chocolate – don’t make my mistake and get the milk chocolate instead of the dark chocolate and then proceed to keep hounding your friend for one more sip of their dark chocolate drink (thank you Troy)
  5. Big Bang Yoghurt – this place sells the best yoghurt smoothie drinks I have ever had in my life. They also make yoghurt slices from this metal plate (like that rolled ice cream place on K rd)

Damn I really do have a sweet tooth


  1. Going for a run around the Carlton Gardens or Fitzroy gardens with Troy. The running part is straight up unenjoyable but you do feel pretty good and accomplished after and I might as well get fitter in lockdown cos there isn’t that much else to do. Plus these gardens are so beautiful on a nice day and also very ideal for picnics.
  2. Renting out an electric bike (lime) for $17 for 24 hours and taking cruisy low effort bike rides around Melbourne – a group of us went to Albert Park and then to St Kilda’s and biked along the path to Brighton Beach. It was so fun, I felt like we were part of a biker squad
Somewhere along the Yarra river
  1. Port Melbourne, St Kilda’s and Brighton Beach as per the above. I swear St Kilda’s has this ethereal magical feeling to it and the pier is so nice, and Brighton Beach has those cute bath boxes that we had a photoshoot in front of.
Port Melbourne on a sunny day
St Kilda’s on a less sunny day
  1. Studying at State Victoria Library – this place has Hogwarts vibes, please up your game @Auckland Library and UOA General Library

Lastly, this doesn’t exactly qualify as a thing to do but it’s worth a mention because it’s so damn good – the public transport. The Melbourne’s tram system is soooo nice and convenient and essentially free if you live in the city. It’s so much easier to figure out since it basically just runs in straight lines and the free tram zone eliminates having to lug all your groceries home (likely up a hill when you live in Auckland) to save money on bus fares.

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