Deklin: AFS NZ Global Competence Certificate (July 2021)

Upon beginning my course journey, I had little idea of what it meant to be a “global citizen” and what this would encompass. It seems like a monumental task, especially when we are already trying to be a citizen of New Zealand. Still, the world is so big, and there is so much out there that we need to develop the skills necessary to be holistic and competent citizens.

This journey gives you a chance to see where you fit in the world and the importance you play in it, which is reasonable considering there are 7 billion people here, right? The biggest skill you learn is how to evaluate yourself, from the type of listener to the kind of communicator you are. It makes you aware of the physical society you live in, from the vibrant K-road to the corporate Britomart, using the cultural symbols we miss in our day to day lives! Personally, the most enhanced skill I’m taking revolves around power and privilege. This specific skill is to remember the marginalised communities in our society and how our decisions affect them. This is important and incredibly relevant, so I will be adding to this in my daily life, within my studies and personal life, by using my voice to enable success for communities that society marginalises.

The program is held very similarly to how university classes function in the sense that we have one 3-hour online zoom session per week and complete a series of modules before the online course. But the best thing about these sessions is that they are facilitated discussions, and interactive breakout rooms make the time go much quicker.

The biggest takeaway from this course is that we already have these skills. Therefore, once you finish the course, it leaves you feeling as if the world is in your hands because you can see cultural symbols, understand cultural differences and use your self-evaluation to aid in conflict. This course is designed to make you a global citizen, but I feel like if we want to be, we are already halfway there, so it’s about enhancing our skills and then finally putting them to use. Finally, my advice is short, but the course will exceed your expectations if you dive deep into it, interact with the breakout rooms, and try and connect with others doing the course.

Global Competence Certificate (GCC) | AFS Intercultural Programs

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