Honor: HEX Great Global Challenge (July 2021)

The HEX Great Global Challenge was a week-long virtual program that involved creating a business model which would address “human rights in a post-truth world”. We had seminars and workshops throughout the week and checkpoints to ensure we were on track to completing our business project plans. The program gave us the opportunity and resources to network with peers and experts in selected fields.

We had workshops on a range of entrepreneurial skills, including business model planning, market research, UX interface design, prototyping, pitching and public speaking. We also had a range of motivational seminars from experts on their business, advice and journey so far. The program gave me the chance to collaborate with peers worldwide and develop my entrepreneurship/ innovations skills. I enjoyed the social and community awareness aspect of the program and seeing what issues young people around the world thought were important and ignored.

The most challenging part of the program was the time zones. It was a continuous schedule, so some activities happened while you were sleeping and the northern hemisphere students were awake. Trying to organise a time to meet, which aligned well in all 3-4 time zones, was difficult at times but helped enhance my communication and organisational skills. I learned and tried many new practical skills, which I would not have been exposed to in my degree, especially in marketing and UX interface design. We were taught not only how to use a range of new technology but were also coached on our presenting and persuasion skills. Both of which will be extremely helpful in any future career.

The most important thing I took away from this program was to ensure I extend my options and continue learning new skills that aren’t necessarily connected to my degree. I hadn’t realised how much I would enjoy UX interface design and prototyping, so I’m glad I had the opportunity to experience it and will be more open to developing that skill in the future. This was an exciting experience that allowed me to push myself outside my comfort zone. It’s a great way to make friends or network with people from overseas. Everyone had very different backgrounds, not just business or design. I enjoyed talking to people about their degrees and how that overlapped with their passion for entrepreneurship. The staff were extremely supportive and friendly. They took time to learn our names and passions and made sure to check up on us consistently.

The program gave us access to mentors, who offered assistance with career and LinkedIn questions as well as the project. The speakers also took time to answer questions not relating to the course. The access to experienced industry professional and the opportunity to network meant this course would be brilliant for someone interested in becoming an entrepreneur. As someone who wasn’t interested in entrepreneurship initially, this was a great way to learn about entrepreneurship and see if it’s something I might go into in the future. Even if I don’t become an entrepreneur, I learned a lot of new transferable skills around industry technology, managing a team in different time zones, and starting a business. All of which can be applicable and helpful in a future career. This program made me aware of new opportunities and gave me the confidence to try new experiences that are out of my comfort zone or current skill set/knowledge

Great Global Challenge — HEX

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