Jianhuan: APRU VSE China Discovery International Summer School (July 2021)

The Summer School provided by HIT contains a format of classes and online activities that are engaging. This virtual exchange program really helped me to better understand Chinese technology, media, and culture. Although I am Chinese, the curriculum allowed me to get to know my own country on a deeper level. This project provided me with interesting and valuable information about China.

By taking the program, I became aware that China has developed various high-tech, such as big data, robots and high-speed rail. These inventions enable people’s lives to become more convenient. What impressed me the most was Professor Guo’s lecture on space exploration. He mentioned the difference between satellites and rockets. This was a field that I had never touched before, but I found it very interesting to learn.

Meanwhile, Chinese digital payment is ubiquitous. People usually just carry to carry their phones, and they can go everywhere without their wallets. Virtual shopping is convenient for people who want to stay home and still desire the experience of shopping in a mall. The technology enables people to see everything that exists in the shop through virtual tech; people may feel like they are wandering in the vast mall.

In addition, by taking the traditional Chinese festivals course, I have a deeper understanding of the activities of each festival. For example, eating “Tangyuan” during Spring Festival means reunion, and sweeping the dust represents sweeping away the bad things of the past year in order to pray for a peaceful and happy New Year.

Teacher Zhang’s ecological course and manual courses attracted me. She patiently taught us how to cook Chinese cuisine step by step. I also learned how to make window grilles from her. Moreover, the teachers and lecturers were kind and knowledgeable. It was a great and valuable experience for me.

Overall, this was an excellent summer program, and I am going to spread what I learnt, to my friends. For students who want to take this program in the future, I suggest you have some basic overview and knowledge about China as some of the classes in the program delve deeper into Chinese culture. If you have some fundamental knowledge, it will be helpful for you to understand this information more deeply.

APRU VSE Summer Semester 2021 Courses – APRU Virtual Student Exchange

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