Wincy: Stockholm University Law Summer Programme (June 2021)

During the semester 1 break, I participated in 2 week intensive Summer Law programme held by Stockholm University. We were able to choose between the three courses of: International Arbitration Commercial Law, EU Public Law and another one. I chose to participate in the International Arbitration Commercial Law course as I intend to pursue a career in Commercial Law upon graduation.

So, the name of the course intrigued me the most. The Arbitration course comprised of 6 lectures in total, with three lectures per week including Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Each lecture was around 2 hours. Prior to each lecture, we were given a reading and assignment task to complete based on the reading. Completing the assignment task was essential to get a good understanding of the lecture before it commenced. As a whole, the course syllabus is laid out very nicely.

Each lecture was about a different topic, ranging from the basics/intro to international commercial arbitration, the arbitration tribunal, the arbitration procedure etc and most lectures had a different guest speaker. Most of the guest speakers were alumni of Stockholm University and had a great wealth of experience within the area of arbitration. The programme was relatively interactive, and often the lecturer will cold call on students to share their answers or ideas. At the end of the 2 weeks, we had sat an exam based on everything we had learnt which was on pass/fail basis. The coolest thing about the class is the diverse range of students.

In the first lecture, the lecturer made everyone say which part of the world they’re from and the current time of that country which was very interesting as we had approximately 30 students in the class that came from different sides of the globe. It ranged from Australia, Germany, London, India, China, Turkey and more which felt one step closer to it being a global exchange. Prior to doing this course, I had barely any knowledge about Arbitration. Now, I am able to tell someone about the basics, procedures, principles and other fundamental elements that is required of Arbitration.

I personally felt each lecture was very stimulating as I was thoroughly engaged and participated in the interaction where I felt I could. This is my first time participating in a virtual exchange programme, and it has been nothing short of an invaluable and enjoyable experience! I would highly recommend anyone to participate, it is an opportunity that encourages you to broaden your knowledge, think critically and challenge yourself. I’m sure you would have no regrets in participating in one.

Lastly, I want to thank the 360 International team for providing me, along with other students the opportunity, which has been a significant highlight in my university time so far.

Stockholm University - Wikipedia

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