David: The Start of My Exchange Student Journey

Hello Everyone!

It is Day-21 in Melbourne.

As you may have heard already, Melbourne was in lockdown from the 15th of July (which was the very next day after I arrived!) to the 27th of July.

One of the things that I learned through this sudden lockdown is that things never go the way you planned! I never had in mind that Melbourne would go into lockdown and when it did, my plans were ruined and all the university events along with the Welcome Day for Exchange Students were cancelled. But looking back, I believe the lockdown actually helped me to settle well in Melbourne and gave me the time to reflect and plan what I want to do and achieve during my exchange in Melbourne.

Below is a video that I created which has footages from when I left Auckland airport to the first day in Melbourne!

Please check out the video for my experience and the start of my exchange journey!

Hope you enjoy it!


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