Shivali: CISaustralia BEHIND, BENEATH & BEYOND SOCIAL MEDIA (June 2021)

Social media is a central part of all of our lives. Collectively, we spend hours on social media without understanding the extent of information we provide and the extent of information provided to us. This virtual programme was well structured to provide students with valuable insight into social media and technology. Sessions ranged from a US militant’s personal experience to neuroscience. I am now better able to understand that social media is more than an app. I understand what happens when you post a photo online, why websites recommend specific products and the dangers behind social media. This knowledge helps me understand the risks, and allows me to make better decisions to stay safe online.

Although this programme was online, it was very interactive. We were able to ask questions, complete various activities and work in groups. Being able to work in groups allowed us to share ideas and think collaboratively. The final session was exciting because it was held on Virbela. This is an automated open campus where students create their avatars and watch the session in an online classroom. Through this different software, the programme remained interesting and innovative over the two weeks. A skill that I have developed throughout this programme is the ability to think exponentially. Things are changing rapidly in this world. We need to develop an analytical mindset to solve challenges before they grow into detrimental problems. It is no longer enough to approach problems in a linear manner.

I intend to pursue a career in the legal and business profession, and exponential thinking will help me solve complex problems. Cybercrime has increased due to the rise of technology and technological expertise. This programme taught me how people could steal our identities with very little information. With this knowledge, I will advise my clients better and protect the people around me. Also, with a better understanding of the logistics of social media, I can develop effective marketing campaigns and reach the target audience.

I highly recommend that students from all departments get involved in this experience. Not only does it grow your knowledge, but it is also an opportunity to advance your interpersonal skills. You will be able to collaborate with like-minded peers from different departments. You will also work with mentors from different areas of the world we may never otherwise have an opportunity to speak to. A virtual programme is also a convenient way to participate within the comfort of your own home. This was a fantastic opportunity, and I thank the team for this experience.

Behind, Beneath & Beyond Social Media | CISaustralia

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