Ashley: AFS NZ Global Competence Certificate (March 2021)

AFS Global Competence Certificate was an extremely valuable and constructive course that has given me knowledge in a wide range of areas that will be imperative for success within my future endeavors.

The course ran for three weeks, with two live zoom sessions per week. Although it was challenging fitting in two lectures a week, it was the correct amount of time, as there was a lot of content to go through, and I wouldn’t have wanted to cut any of it out. One of the brilliant aspects of AFS was that it gives you a chance to learn as you go and doesn’t require an exam at the end. You complete a variety of modules along the way without the pressure of knowing you have an exam at the end.

The live zoom sessions were very engaging as the professor facilitating the zoom would talk and teach and encourage fellow course members to participate. There was never any point within the live zoom where I was not captivated. The hour and a half went very quickly, often with things left to say. The zoom breakout rooms were used effectively to ensure you had smaller groups to discuss things further, and by the end of the course, you had engaged with all members. The programme was challenging in terms of time commitments with University and work; however, with tight time management, it all works out in the end. Through my overseas exchange, I learned a lot about being globally competent; however, AFS went one step further to make you more self-aware and equipped in handling different scenarios. You acquire skills in identifying stereotypes, gain vital information in terms of empathy and listening, and look into culture, communication, and conflict.

One of the main areas that I took away from the course was spiritual diversity, power, and privilege. The spiritual diversity module allowed me to understand how to deal with different situations where the spirituality in a workplace or other was different from your own and how to combat different scenarios that may arise. The power and privilege section ensured you were more conscious and informed about how your upbringing, status, education and opportunities allowed you to be where you are. Everyone’s start to life is hugely varied and can put you ahead before you even know it.

AFS provided many different strategies to combat life and ensure you are always aware of people’s feelings and situations. I would highly encourage students to enter into this virtual programme or another. It has allowed me to now feel resourceful in entering different workplaces and situations, knowing I have the capabilities to deal with whatever arises. Virtual programmes will enable you to gain knowledge and skill in contrasting areas from your study to enhance different thinking and reasoning ways.

Global Competence Certificate (GCC) | AFS Intercultural Programs

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