Renchao: Fudan University Winter School (December 2020)

If you’d like to take upon a challenge and experience Chinese style of education, Fudan is your top choice. Fudan University is one of the most prestigious and selective universities in China. Fudan University’s School of Economics has been one of the best-known economic education institutions and research in mainland China. I am very honoured to represent The University of Auckland in their Online Winter School by the School of Economics. This year, more than 400 students from 20 universities and 11 countries participated in this virtual exchange. For this program, I was enrolled in Corporate Finance and Econometrics. For my Econometrics, I was taught by Professor Shi Qiu, a highly experienced instructor in this field.

I was impressed with the experience that Fudan University Professor speaks such fantastic English. Professor Shi Qiu had a passion for teaching and was very considerate and caring to the students. He’d slow down regularly during the session to ensure students are understanding everything. However, for their virtual classes, I was really surprised that there was a regulation that students need to turn on their camera during class. If the cameras were not turned on, it would lead to an absent attendance. Fudan University has a strict attendance policy that meant three absences would result as a direct fail.

My Corporate Finance was taught by Professor Hong Wu, a highly experienced and qualified instructor. With the nature of the winter school, corporate finance has been intense every day. During every session, the professor would talk through 70-90 pages of reading. I was able to concentrate for most of the time, but near the end of the session, I found it hard to absorb all the knowledge. My advice for future students would be that skimming through the course material before class would certainly provide advantages. Fudan has also been impressive in the way that their virtual courses are prepared with the teacher assistances. During each lesson, there would be two to three teacher assistances joining the virtual lecture to answer any questions student may encounter during the course. In the normal student group chat, the teacher’s assistance would also be the first to the response. This has been significantly different from The University of Auckland. As a summary, it has been an incredible experience able to participate in this program. This virtual exchange has provided me with opportunities to connect with new people worldwide and gain the education of finance from the Chinese market perspective. Lastly, all these time and effort would be credited back to The University of Auckland.
FULL] Fudan University SOE: Online Winter School (2020/21) - Learning -  Programmes - HKU - China Vision

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