Joanna: UNSW Inside the Criminal Minds (January 2021)

I was very excited and honored by the fact that I was offered the opportunity to participate in a 5-day summer school course, at the University of Sydney (UNSW), known as ‘Inside the Criminal Mind’. I was grateful for the funding as it was the only way I would have been able to participate in the course.

The course consisted of various industry experts from many aspects of the field, who were all highly engaging and interesting to hear lecture on their respective fields. The course also consisted of a number of fun and enjoyable group projects which embodied the genre of crime studies. These assignments included collaborating on a short debate on topics included in the course. The assignment I was most excited for was the group assignment which involves an investigation and writing a report of a known criminal. Group members had to pick roles to take in the investigation such as detective, forensic psychiatrist and so on.

The course itself was very well organised, with all resources and content readily posted by the time I had been given access to my UNSW account. This included some additional videos and readings that would provide further clarification and information on the different sections of the course. With the use of the YouTube live stream and zoom, interacting with the in-person group was made efficient and easy, with an in-person moderator replying and relaying questions.

The content of the course itself was a nice change for me. As a recent graduate from a bachelor’s degree in Criminology the information I learnt through this course will aid me further in my further career and interest in the field. The course introduced me to many industry-based debates which I was not aware of. As someone who in the future wants to work in a position at the Ministry of Justice these forms of debates and the research presented are highly relevant to the future position, I hope to be working in. The allocated group work furthered my skills in team collaboration on academic content.

For students who are considering taking on a virtual programme such as this one. I would highly recommend it. The knowledge I have gained from this course were invaluable and will definitely be something that I carry with me into my future in this field. While the credits gained from this course will not be transferable into my University, the expertise and engagement from the content was well worth a week of my Summer break.

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