Joyce: Korea University Winter School (December 2020)

The 2020 Korea University Virtual Winter programme was a very valuable experience for me. I enrolled myself into 1 course: Social Psychology, which was not only relevant to my major and transferable but was life-changing in terms of the theories and concepts taught. The course was conducted online for the whole 3-week programme via zoom, where I had to attend live lectures from 1-4 pm daily with more than 30 students. During the live zoom session, we were given opportunities to discuss and share viewpoints and ideas regarding the course material for the day. The course itself was assessed on Lecture participation, two examinations (Mid-term and Final Exam) and daily chapter reading reflections.

Personally, the daily chapter reading reflections were of the greatest value to me throughout this programme. Not only did it nurture me, but it has challenged me to think beyond my perception. The most memorable concept was about Casual attribution. This being the construal process people use to explain both their own and others’ behaviour, I was able to understand the people around me and myself whilst reading about it, which resulted in direct influence to my own life. Although we could not physically learn together, every student had a positive and initiative attitude which allowed us to still connect despite the distance between us. With daily group activities and the guidance of an interactive professor, I could connect with other global citizens around the world; the theories and concepts covered during the course Social Psychology created a special experience for us to be engaged in a deeper level by sharing our encounters and experiences growing up.

Each student was able to share their unique opinions and perspectives which helped me to practice and learn cultural intelligence. At the end of the programme, I was confident that I gained strong cultural intelligence skills that I can use in my daily life, and future social settings. My time with Korea University and the fellow students around the world indeed gifted me with life-changing insights that I still reflect on to this day. I sincerely hope that we will be able to visit South Korea, and Korea University once every country overcomes these uncertain and unprecedented time of the pandemic. Amidst the tough situation with COVID-19, being able to interact with people from different ethnic, education and cultural background through this programme truly was a breather for me.

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