Monterrey and León

The last two weeks of our trip we visited Leon and Monterrey, both cities were vastly different to Queretaro with more high-rise buildings, they are definitely more industrialised. In Leon we had people struggling with a lot of sickness, there was a terrible cold as well as a stomach bug going around, so we were more run down than our usual selves. There was a month long fair or ‘feria’ as it is called in Spanish, which was really fun, there was delicious food and so many rides to go on (ignoring the sometimes-questionable engineering). There were also markets in the fair which sold some amazing things ranging from artisan chocolates shaped like shoes to fake football T-shirts. Although class did not slow down for us, we were constantly on the move visiting factories or even jazz dancing and playing football (which I am terrible at might I add) it was fun but exhausting.

Two other major highlights from Leon were our trip to the small city of Guanajuato, this was one of the cities I looked up before coming over to Mexico and I was guttered this wasn’t on our official itinerary, so it was a really amazing opportunity to go. The buildings were so beautiful and colourful, we went to many different tourist spots that day including a ‘mummy’ museum which displayed people who were naturally preserved through the processes of the earth they were buried in. I was surprised at how well their hair and skin were preserved, although it was a really freaky experience. After a long day exploring Guanajuato and buying souvenirs for friends back home, we drove back and went straight to a local football game. I actually don’t know much about the game but being there for the atmosphere was enough excitement in itself, it was really amazing to see how supportive the city are of their local team, there was constant chanting and waving of flags, it did not stop for a second.

This last week we travelled to Monterrey, the biggest campus of the university. It was a lot bigger than any of the other campuses we visited. I noticed it had a lot more of a ‘student’ vibe compared to Auckland because we have Symonds street running through our campus. Monterrey also had a variety of animals including deer and peacocks, it was so strange walking around the university and seeing deer in the bushes. We did not really have time to see the city as we lived on campus and our days were packed from nine to five, generally we were quite busy preparing our final reports and presentations. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains and one of the highlights of our stay here was going on a boat ride at night which was lit up by fairy lights.

On our last day it was so sad saying goodbye to everyone we’ve met from all different countries, and it will be so strange not seeing my roommate Christina every day.
Overall, I’ve had an amazing time on this trip, I’ve learned a lot about Mexican culture and the business environment here, we have one more week of activities with just Auckland University students. I have eight flights lined up in the space of seven days, so I am not excited for that, but I am looking forward to travelling home.

Until next time!

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