Mexico: How time flies

Our time in Mexico is coming to an end. How time flies. Over these 4 weeks, so much has happened. We went from Mexico City to Queretaro to Leon and now Monterrey.

In the last 2 weeks, we went to Bernal, explored the beautiful city of Guanajuato, went on very fast roller coasters and ate great food, along so much more. My favourite part was going to the fair! It was full of good food, from nachos to corn on the cob to churros, and not to mention all the little stalls. It was super fun, and the rides were crazy good! Leon was a super beautiful small city, full of colour and happiness. On our last week, we visited Monterrey, it felt more Americanised but is still an amazing city that had large buildings and many mountains. 

The company visits in Leon were truly valuable. We went to the Pirelli and Flexi shoes factory where we learned how companies did business in Mexico. We got to see how two companies differ in the way they do business. This practical lens in very useful, as we’re able to see how companies do their distribution and production. It is interesting to see how automation is changing the game in distribution centres and how this affects the workers. Pirelli also had a lot of women working for them which was really good to see! 

In terms of the classes, I really enjoyed having smaller classrooms. I felt like I was able to get a personal level connection with others students and our professor Anil who has been so supportive throughout our studies. The lecturers at Monterrey Technology have all been lovely and you can see their passion for Mexican culture throughout their teaching. 

Our graduation ceremony was so nice! We got completion certificates, heard speeches from others students and professors. However, it started to feel real; that is trip is coming to an end. Saying goodbye to the other students from the group was really sad, as people in this program came from all around the world. I do hope that the world is small enough so I can see them again. 

This entire experience has been truly amazing. I’ve learned so much about Mexico and its culture, and I have so much knowledge that I can take back. The Mexican culture and its people are so warmhearted, and it makes me even more grateful for this opportunity. I would like to thank 360 International, Monterrey Technology and the PMLAS for this unforgettable experience.

– Shanaya

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