Final weeks in Mexico- Mimi

In the past two weeks we visited two more cities in Mexico, from Queretaro we travelled to Leon and from there we then made our final stop in Monterrey. Leon is a town known for their manufacturing of shoes so we were super lucky to get to visit Flexi’s production site and distribution centre. Flexi is a well-known shoe company here in Mexico. We got to watch how the shoes were made from scratch, starting with the raw leather materials being cut into the different shapes to the formation of the spongy foam part at the bottom of the shoes. This was a really interesting company visit as we got to see lots of concepts we had heard about in class, right in front of our eyes.

During our free day in Leon we had a day trip out to Guanajuato, a beautiful, bright and colourful town. I got to visit the Hidalgo Markets here where I had the all-time best sandwich served with a crazy amount of guacamole! We ended up spending the rest of our day in a small, quaint bar surrounded by good company, where different street musicians would come in and perform for small tips. It was tricky to find this place as it wasn’t located on the maps but with some odd directions we found off the internet, we were delighted that we made it.  The food at this bar was all grown locally from the owner’s backyard which gave the place a very cosy vibe. This was easily a highlight for my trip in Guanajuato.

Our final week was spent in Monterrey where we got to visit the Bimbo factory. The Bimbo Company is the largest bakery and at this visit we got to watch the production line of the different sweets being made, from the raw products all the way to the packaged product. Our tour guide even handed out chocolate rolls and biscuits to our group straight off the production line.

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