James McIntosh – Some random thoughts after a month in Mexico

Honestly, this blog is not going to have a lot of structure. It is more of a collection of thoughts I have had from the last month travelling around Mexico.

I did not spend a lot of time researching Mexico or Tecnologico de Monterrey before arriving in the country as part of the PMSLA program. My views on the country, like many others, had been shaped by media reports and TV shows like Narcos: Mexico. These last four weeks have completely changed that view. I have discovered a country that is extremely rich in culture and history, and a university that is truly leading the way in regards to technology and education.

To be honest, I do believe that we have been in a bit of bubble while in Mexico. The university is completely gated and the local students, while extremely nice, probably don’t give you an accurate representation of the situation most Mexican people face. Luckily we have also had a chance to explore each of the four cities on our own in order to get a more authentic view of the country.

Exploring Teotihuacan

Regarding the program, Tec de Monterrey does really well organising the daily activities, whether that be lectures, dance classes, or visiting local businesses. The program has really focused on the practicality and real life application of the theories we have learnt in class in a way that a normal university course would not be able too. I have also found the lecturers at the university to be really supportive with international students that are coming from universities with different styles of teaching and learning.

Overall, I cannot think of a better way to see and experience Mexico than as a part of the iWinter Global Business program at Tec de Monterrey and with the support of the PMSLA. I have seen four different cities and been able to take part in activities that you would not have access to if you were organising this trip on your own.

James McIntosh 

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