Allan: Surprising Sights in Mexico

It’s been another two weeks in Mexico, where we now concluding our studies at Tecnológico de Monterrey. A lot has happened, including visits to many amazing cities, business visits and a final group presentation. With all these experiences and classes I’ve learnt that doing business in Mexico is a fulfilling experience. 

We’ve got to eat some of the most amazing foods and seen some of the most magnificent views. During our stay at the Queretaro Campus we got to climb one of the tallest monolith in the world. Guanajuato provided some of the most amazing views I had ever seen. We also got to experience a football game in Leon. Being among the local fans was an exciting night. I definitely ticked a few things I didn’t expect too during my time here. 

We also had the opportunity to visit one of the biggest shoe brands in Mexico. Flexi are a Mexican multinational in shoe manufacturing and sales. It was interesting to see the company culture and dynamics. Flexi’s management is more traditional in a sense that there is a hierarchical structure with older management practices. For example, the current CEO decided not to invest in new robots for their production line. This was to ensure that 60 jobs would be retained in fears of automation. This is a common management strategy among traditional Mexican companies and not embracing modern trends.

Flexi’s Distribution Warehouse Visit

One of my favourite visits was to Bimbo in Monterrey. It is the biggest manufacturer of bakery goods in the world. We got to see their factory operations at scale and learn about the different markets they operate in around the world. Just being at the factory, it was amazing to see the sheer size of their operations. Our guide went through the manufacturing process of their snack based products. We got to see a hybrid of their manual and automated processes in packing their products. What I learnt as a business student is to have an understanding of supply chains and basic engineering concepts, especially if you want to be involved in a manufacturing intensive industries as career. Of course, snacks were provided during the tour!

Our last week was preparation for our final presentations. Wrapping up all that we have learnt in the past month. So what have we learnt about doing business in Mexico includes:

  • Mexico is made up of different regions with diverse cultures. 
  • Mexico’s demographics are made up of a large population of young and well-educated group.
  • Intellectual Property rights are well protected in Mexico.
  • You need to have a good network in Mexico to navigate through the political and regulatory environment. 

Whilst the list goes on, I have definitely learnt and experienced so much of Mexico’s culture and business. Coming to study in Mexico was something I never expected to do in my lifetime. As a final note, I would look to thank everyone involved in the logistics and planning of this trip, from the Tecnológico de Monterrey and University of Auckland. 


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