Mexico, a country of contrasts

After spending a relaxing two weeks in the gorgeous Caribbean sun, on the fifth of January I finally made it to Mexico City the starting point of a four-week journey across Mexico as a student of Tecnologico de Monterrey studying global business. Our first week was spent in Santa Fe, a business district in Mexico City where we learnt about demographics of the Mexican population and why that was important to doing business in the country. We also brushed up on theories of trade and the pros and cons of international business. Some of the highlights of our studies in Mexico City included a tour of MNE PepsiCo where we learnt all about their marketing strategy as well as some of their initiatives to increase female employment in the company – they also gave us each a HUGE bag of snacks to fuel us for our studies (and our upcoming test for that week).

Our other company visit included a tour of Kidzania, where children could play as adults for the day. This included being able to work for money (Kidzos) to spend in the theme park as well as learning skills such as driving. We even got to participate in some of the activities which was hilarious, I ended up crawling across a child sized home to save some mannequins from a mock fire as part of ‘The Fire Defence Force’.  Whilst my academic experiences with the university over here were interesting and engaging, I enjoyed being able to explore the beautiful city in my spare time. Mexico was never on my travel radar before I got this amazing opportunity and I’m so glad I got to experience this amazing country with its rich culture, architecture and delicious food. My favourite destinations were Castillo de Chapultepec and the old historical centre Zocalo the buildings are stunning and are a juxtaposition to the skyscrapers of Santa Fe. The local markets were also such an interesting experience, I made sure to buy a few souvenirs (and street tacos) while I was there. We finished off the week visiting the Aztec ruins Teotihuacan, although our tour guide told us many different civilisations were present in the area at different points in time. The complex consisted of a few different temples and the view was well worth the difficult hike up the old rocky steps (which were very high might I add).

For the moment we have moved on to Queretaro and will be in Leon as of Sunday, classes and assignments have packed on for this week and we have another upcoming test so I’m sure to be occupied for the rest of the week.

Until next time!


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