First 2 weeks at Tec de Monterrey

I have spent the last 2 weeks at Tecnolgico de Monterrey after having travelled through Guatemala and Belize in the 2 weeks prior to my iWinter Global Business course starting. So far I have met people from Denmark, France, Germany and Australia. It has been very easy to communicate with everyone in my course and the professors as everyone speaks fluent English which has been very useful. Having studied Spanish at home I had looked forward to the challenge of talking to the locals in Spanish and I have found that it is at the least at a level where I can survive though my vocabulary has been a major obstacle. It has surprised me though that the local students at the University here all seem to have an impressive comprehension of English which has only spurred me on to hopefully continue improving my Spanish. So far we have visited two of their campuses each remarkable. The Queretaro campus especially has been amazing. We have stayed in the halls of residence here and the University as a whole has a strong sense of identity as it is one big campus. The infrastructure in the cities has been amazing and if had not been for this trip I don’t think I would have visited these amazing cities!
The Course work so far has been thoroughly engaging. We have looked at what makes doing business in Mexico unique due to their cultural , social and economic differences. Learning about Mexico’s young population and why it is an attractive and also unattractive destination for foreign investment has been very interesting. The lecturers have brought the content to life in a way I have not really experienced at UOA with an immersive and engaging learning style due to the small lecture sizes which all carry the feeling of tutorials. Away from University, Mexico City and Queretaro have been beautiful cities that I would certainly recommend anyone to visit due to their remarkably beautiful cities. What has been most notable to me is the comparative cheapness of a night out for dinner with a few drinks; with fancier restaurants costing up to $20 NZD for delicious meals and drinks. Thanks for reading! I hope you visit or go on exchange to Mexico someday! George Tate

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