Anneliese: Mexico, the beginning of an unforgettable experience

Bright colours light up the streets, from the pavements you walk on, to the common fairy lights and piñatas hanging from above. Greeted with a smile in every store, a great amount of self-restraint is needed, not to purchase all the adorable market trinkets and souvenirs. The smiles continue on the streets, in the restaurants, at every conference, company visit and lecture.

Arriving with stern conversations on all kinds of safety and funny looks when I admitted to speaking very little Spanish, I have been pleasantly surprised with the ease of communication and quick adjustment to the cultural care-free attitude.
Any doubts I had arrived with, have been minimised to an extent that I would highly recommend visiting Mexico to all friends and family.

The great experiences continue with the variety of activities planned to aid our understanding of global business in Mexico.
During our week at Santa Fe, Mexico City, we had a scheduled visit to Pepsi Co. This was an incredible opportunity to understand the ‘behind the scenes’ of the company, how they are progressing in terms of social issues and their marketing structure.
A later visit to KidZania left the group feeling conflicted as the experience was entertaining, yet a deeper understanding of the company structure revealed some moral flaws.
The open discussions and intellectual conversations around all aspects of this trip, has already begun to increase my critical thinking more than ever.

En route to Queretaro, we stopped at Teotihuacan, where the steps were frightful, but the beautiful history and view from the top of the Pyramids overruled.
Queretaro itself is an incredible city. I have personally fallen in love with the campus, it has made the purpose of studying just that little bit more able, with sunset bike rides, free coffee and team volleyball. Not to mention, that all of us are close to professional salsa dancers now!
A trip into the center one night, opened our eyes to a whole new kind of beauty. Magnificent churches are everywhere you look, the architecture is unlike anything I have ever seen, and the raw quality of the homes gives off a hidden sense of comfort. It is hard to miss life back home, when behind every corner is a breathtaking moment.

After 14 days of memories, I am looking forward to the next two weeks, with an open mind and heart. A grateful gracias must be given to PMSLA for this incredible opportunity!

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