Mimi – Exploring Mexico

I started my journey on the iWinterMX exchange in Mexico City in January. Not knowing what to expect from Mexico or the exchange, I have been constantly surprised and thrilled by the university experience I have received from Tec de Monterrey and the food and the rich culture here.

Our first week in Mexico City was packed with full days at the university which included company visits, eating at the university cafeteria, conferences, and then lots of our own adventures. One of my favourite company visits was to PepsiCo, where our group was taken to the Mexican headquarters and introduced to the company. We got to understand some of the different strategies the company uses for different products, a tour around their company and my most favourite- a bag filled with an assortment of their Mexican products. This visit was super beneficial as we are studying business in Mexico, so having an immersive experience with the employees at such a large multinational was an incredible opportunity.

Touring Mexico City has been beyond my expectations and with a population of 22 million the city is massive with lots of historical sights and places to visits! The town we stayed in near the university was very built up, developed and very new. This was a big contrast to when we visited the centre of the city as the buildings were much more historical, colourful and crowded with people! I loved travelling around the centre as we got to try more local street food, visit the Frida Kahlo museum and shop at the local markets.

After spending a week in Mexico City we spent the day travelling towards Queretaro, a 3-hour drive away. On the way we made a stop at the Teotihuacan ruins, which we got to climb to the top of, while a tour guide told us the history of the pyramids and the purpose they once had for Mexico.

Mimi Brannon

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