Christina: Course Content at CUHKSZ

Blog Post #2 (3rd November)

One of the things I value most about the ‘university experience’ overall is the wealth of opportunities that are laid out in front of us. It feels like those expand ten-fold while on exchange, particularly in such a buzzing place like Shenzhen. I’ve lived here for nearly two and half months, and have now thoroughly had time to find my feet to be able to lean in to everything on offer.


Shenzhen is China’s newest hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, with a population of over 12 million, located right across the border from Hong Kong. Some of our course work here in China has us looking deep into companies that are right on our doorstep; in the weekend just passed we visited and toured a company helping start-ups in Hong Kong that we’d only recently studied a case of. It’s incredible to have such a level of access to see the paths we can choose to follow.


With just over a year left of our degrees, graduate life is getting close and being here has expanded my horizons by miles. Seeing the possible lives we may lead as UoA graduates has me buzzing for what may come. As well as the chances to build our business networks, there’s personal growth together with the tribe of international students, exploring the city, beaches, hiking trails, having movie nights in, and getting out amongst the night life. Our cohort of New Zealand, American, and Chinese students has bonded so much over the past year, getting through the thick and thin of living in new countries and rising out of it stronger. Forever grateful to my cohort family!





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