Ella: The Key to Success in India

On a long and bumpy bus ride to Agra, I was taught the key to success in India. These three keys were passed on to me by Nick Booker, CEO of IndoGenius and also my tour guide/Guru/teacher in India. He left the UK, and his solid London job, 10+ years ago to pursue life in India. Many years later, married, with a beautiful 4 y/o daughter and a highly successful life… I figured he might be someone to listen to. The keys to success in India are Patience, Persistence, Politeness. Here are some of the ways I have come to analyse these during my travels.


  • Don’t yell at a scooter driver for honking their horn at you while trying to cross a busy street. They may be on their way to an important business meeting. Either way, exerting anger at a stranger does nothing but exert anger on your daily perception of the world.
  • Understand that a response to an email may take up the 10 business working days. Indian time runs differently to the rest of the world. Good things come to those who wait.
  • If you want to give to others so desperately that the passion for service lights your soul, the opportunity, funding and assistance will come. Jaipur Foot learnt this the long but worthwhile way. 
  • Practice yoga.


  • The best way to be persistent is to understand how to be persuasive. The best way to catch someone’s attention is through story telling. Be persistent by painting your aspirations in their head like a water colour painting. This will make you stand out from the others that handed their aspirations over in a monochrome folder.
  • Understand that patience does not mean pausing. While waiting for others to meet your schedule, be devising new stories, plans and ideas. Don’t take no for an answer in the same way that you wouldn’t agree to 700 rupees when you could have bartered your way down to 300. Often all a yes takes is a new perspective – surprise others with your alternative understanding of the world. 
  • Have a convincing smile. Pretend you can until you know you can. 
  • Understand your self worth and what you can provide to an opportunity.
  • Aim to help others. Selflessness is far more worthy than selfishness in India. 


  • Do all of the above with gratitude and kindness. 
  • Don’t yell out of anger at others. 
  • Understand the boundaries of others and of situations. 
  • Don’t swear in corporate offices, and always overdress. Shoes off in temples, always shake, touch, eat and exchange items with your right hand. 
  • Have kind eyes and sigh with a smile. 

Welcome to “Success in India”, or what I would like to call

A good way of living.

Me living the Good Life at Amer Fort

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