Dylan: National Holiday Travel

It has been over two months now since the arrival in China. Since my last blog, I have gone on holiday to Myanmar and Cambodia. Both these places were very humbling, with each providing a unique and unforgettable experience.

There were six cohort boys on the trip, not including myself, and two other exchange students, one from Nederland and the other from Germany. We first visited Thailand for a day, which was a fleeting experience but was excellent none the less. Afterward, we were flying to Yangon, Myanmar, for a night before heading to Bagan on a 10-hour bus ride. Bagan was impeccable with its 3000+ pagodas available to see, which we sightsaw on hired e-scooters for a day. The other portion of the stay was with a tour guide. He provided greater insight into the City’s history and gave us a unique experience that we wouldn’t have been able to experience ourselves. We then headed back to Yangon for a night, where we needed to relax. Then we headed into the Cambodia portion of the trip. Spending two days in Siem Reap, where I, unfortunately, got ill, so I missed most of a day. However, I still was able to see Angkor Wat and the other ruins around the area. Finally, our trip concluded in Phnom Penh for a day, which we dedicated to the Killing Fields. It was an intense and saddening experience, but it gave some insight into how fortunate I have been to have had this trip. Overall, it was a fantastic time, and by the end, I was looking forward to my Chinese bed again.

Since arriving back in China, I have been very much involved in study and group work. Some highlights not involving the academics include the Shenzhen light show and the trip to Hong Kong, involving HK Science Technology Park and Explorium. The Shenzhen light show was world-class, with multiple artistic pieces by Australians, which was very cool to see. The Hong Kong trip with the Innovation Cohort was enjoyable, but I didn’t find myself interacting with the speakers too well at Science Park. Explorium, on the other hand, had a very engaging speaker. He gave insight into the work they do with Li and Fung Supply Chain and how innovation is such a crucial part of the business. Now I must continue with my studies as I have multiple assignments ahead, and exams are beginning to creep up.


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