Timi: Uni Holidays at Shenzhen

So, since the last blog post, school work has really started to kick into gear. However, a great coping mechanism I’ve found is consistently having a new adventure to look forward to. The longest break of the semester is national day holiday. The actual national day is the 1st of October, but the holiday lasts a week. Because flights around the majority of south-east Asia are quite cheap, the issue lies in where to go.

If you want to leave mainland China but are travelling on a budget, I would recommend going to Taiwan. Taiwan has a lot to offer from the Beitou thermal Valley, to the Shifen Waterfalls and can’t forget the famous night markets and Bubble tea. Taiwan has something for everybody! Not to mention the exchange rate of the New Taiwanese Dollar to the Chinese yuan and New Zealand dollar is pretty great.

For a quick getaway, my favourite weekend trip so far has been to Macau. At first glance, one would think all the small island has to offer is just big Hotels and Casinos. However, as it was previously a Portuguese colony, there are lots of European architecture and influences throughout. With it being only an hour’s ferry from Hong Kong, I would highly recommend.




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