Connor: Second Blog Post – 4/11/19

And just like that, we have completed over half of our semester in Shenzhen, China. Time is flying by so quickly it is hard to keep up, so much is happening on a day to day basis with many adventures and laughs being had in between.

To begin where I left off, only a few weeks had passed since we arrived in Shenzhen, but we already had a sizeable friend group who we spent time with regularly. We all knew the Chinese National Holiday was coming up and we wanted to spend it together. Tom played the role of travel agent and came up with the idea that we should all go to Myanmar and Cambodia. A few people took convincing but after a short while everyone was excited, and we all booked tickets.

The day finally came, and we left for the airport at 1am on Thursday the 26th of September to board a plane to Yangon, the capital of Myanmar. We arrived early morning and checked straight into our hotel so we could have a rest before properly starting our day. After we woke up, we had a very nice and very cheap breakfast at a local café. From there we went to a very large pagoda and spent some time along the river front. As the sun set, we headed to a bar next to our hostel and had a few drinks, excitedly waiting what was to come. We went back to the hotel, collected our bags and headed to the bus station to catch a bus to Bagan. Bagan was unanimously the highlight of our trip, it is an old town that has thousands and thousands of temples, all within very close proximity to each other. We spent the first day on rented scooters exploring the temples and going off road and spent the following two days with an amazing tour guide who showed us all the main tourist attractions and took us for a cruise along the river at sunset.  After Bagan we headed back to Yangon for one more night before heading to Cambodia.

We landed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in the evening and headed straight to the bus station. We ate dinner and then boarded another bus to SIem Reap. This is where all the temples are, namely Angkor Wat and Ta Phrom. There were a lot more tourists in Siem Reap and a nice bar street that we of course had to pay a visit. After visiting the main temples, we found that there was not that much to do in Siem Reap so we headed back to Phnom Penh for our last night on holiday. The next day we visited the Killing Fields and had a quiet day after that. We went to the airport in the early morning and flew home via Hong Kong.

It was an amazing experience and opened my eyes to how other parts of the world live on a day to day basis.


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