Rico: CUHK, Shenzhen blog 1

Thanks to 360 international, I was allowed to study in Shenzhen, China.


As an exchange student, I felt very excited when I arrived in China and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. When I arrived at Shenzhen, I could not believe that this vast metropolis city started as a tiny fishing village. Many buildings are just as tall as the Auckland sky tower in Shenzhen and the world’s fourth-tallest building is located in Shenzhen. At night, all the buildings would light up the city, turning it into a spectacular light show, for once I found walking around enjoyable.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen’s campus is stunning, probably the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. While the campus is far away from the center of Shenzhen, the facilities available on campus more than make up the loss. The food on the campus tastes absolutely amazing. There is a wide variety, ranging from genuine Chinese cuisines such as roast duck to food that we are more familiar with such as fried rice, and it’s only around $5NZ! With the food being so cheap and good, I was worried that I would gain too much weight. Luckily there are multiple sporting areas such as gym, courts, and fields throughout the campus for students to use. Also, the new library is absolutely beautiful.

It is so beautiful that it feels like it is bewitching you to come study there. With my parents being Chinese, I have always been interested in and fond of China and their culture. Recently, for the first time, I was able to experience my first Autumn festival, one of the biggest celebrated festivals in China. I was able to see people wear traditional Chinese clothing, students dancing to classical Chinese music. It was, indeed a really fun experience.


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