Lizzie: How do you Manage a Population of 1.3 Billion?

On the 23rd of November the 15 strong cohort of PMSA recipients for Indogenius’ ‘Reimagining India’ program touched down in Bangalore.  The amount of people simply milling around the airport at 2am felt like a busy day at the beach in New Zealand.

“India does scale very well” is a phrase said often and undeniable in many respects. While there are areas that are being developed within India around infrastructure the innovative efficiencies utilised in India allows the country to use the density of the population to its advantage. This element of India was highlighted at our visit to the magnificent Infosys Training Centre campus in Mysore. The size of the campus was probably equivalent to the entirety of central Wellington and the hostel buildings even spelt out INFOSYS on google satellite view.

Infosys is a technology based company that does a  lot of behind the scenes tech innovation for western companies. In order to provide the best service, Infosys set up a training institute in Mysore to train engineering and computing science graduates and training them in the skills they need to effectively contribute to infosys’ project based work environment.

This idea of running a business like a university encapsulates how education is used in India to skill a mass of people in order to service Indian and global markets efficiently and accurately.  The benefit of streamlining the system is reaped by the company and their clients and subsequently the rest of the tech industry. Infosys do such a good job of training their employees there is a high attrition rate due to other companies interest in the depth and breadth of their skills.


Lizzie Harvey

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