Finn: First Impressions of CUHK, SZ

Myself and eight other students from the University of Auckland are taking part in the PMSA from September to December and studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen,(CUHK SZ). I am looking forward to immersing myself into an entirely new way of life and I am ready to experience the emotions of studying abroad!

I have currently just completed the first two weeks of class at CUHK SZ and it has been a very fast paced couple of weeks settling in and meeting a bunch of new people from so many different backgrounds and cultures. The first week involved me moving into my new dormitory in Diligentia college. It is situated a short bus ride away from the main campus where classes are, so it is nice to be removed from the hustle and bustle of day to day university life! CUHK SZ have been great at providing activities for the new group of international students, such as providing a day tour down into the Shenzhen CBD and allowing the students to explore around.




My first impressions of Shenzhen were how modern and how clean the city was, everywhere I looked I could see massive skyscrapers which also included a view of the fourth tallest building in the world being the Ping An Finance Centre. I initially thought that Shenzhen would be crammed like a typical big city, however I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was very spacious, surrounded by rolling mountains and a lot of greenery that I would of never expected. Something that has also been very unique to me is the shopping experience. I visited the electronic markets and the fake markets in the CBD where I was able to participate in bargaining acts for goods with the local salespeople and be placed in such a frantic yet efficient way of shopping. The University also showed us around one of the old villages in Shenzhen which has managed to stay intact after all the development that has occurred here.



Daily university life is slowly starting up with routines becoming established and slowly working out what the best way to do certain things is. The campus is very centralised which makes moving between classes efficient, it is also a very modern campus with a large amount of facilities that can easily accommodate all students. It is a very different campus experience for me compared to the University of Auckalnd as I previously lived at home and simply went to University for classes, and now my whole life currently revolves around campus activities, so it has been awesome to switch up my day to day lifestyle. I have already formed a good bond with other international students in my college and in other colleges around campus. We have currently been planning some activities to do in the weekends together in and around Shenzhen as well as planning a trip to Myanmar and Cambodia for the national holiday so that will be something to look forward too!


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