Joshua: CUHK Campus Tour (Vlog)

Kia Ora! 你好!

Hello! My name is Joshua Nightingale, and I am part of the Global Business And Innovation Cohort from the University of Auckland. We were lucky enough to have funding from the Prime Ministers Scholarship for Asia to study here in China, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong!

It has been an incredible experience so far, and I am trying to embrace as much culture and see as much as I can. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of administration, classes and meeting new people. CUHK organised an day where we explored Shenzhen with the other exchange students. We visited an ancient town where the indigenous Hakka people once lived. It was very interesting, and we tried a an array of Chinese food, it is very different to the westernised Chinese food!!

From there we went to some museums where we furthered our knowledge about the past, the present and the future of China and it’s innovations. This was interesting, learning about the different presidents, the change in the economy and also the present, showing all the new technologies that companies like FoxCom uses in order to streamline its supply chain processes. We finished off at a street market, where we escaped to a French cafe and enjoyed a fresh crepe, when in China!

To help prospective students going to CUHK, me and my friends are making a 5 part video series about life here in China.

Today we posted our first of 5 videos about CUHK Shenzhen: Campus Tour

Have a look!!

We made a website too which has more detailed information:



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