Connor: My first two weeks at the Chinese University of Hong Kong

First Blog Post 22/09/2019 

Finn, Tom, Rico and I arrived in Shenzhen running on three hours sleep in the past 36 hours. It is safe to say we were not in the mood to fill out a bunch of paper work, set up our Chinese bank accounts and set up our sim cards. However, upon arriving at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) we were met with a very organised team of students and teachers who made the process as easy as possible for us. They helped us all along the way and even walked us to our individual dorms to ensure we got the correct keys and settled in safely.

Me with some of the other GBI students

Upon walking through the lobby doors, I bumped into a large group of students, some of which I already knew, they quickly introduced me to everyone and updated me on what was going on. From there we set off to have a look around campus and eat some food. The food impressed me as the food at CUHK in HK had been subpar. After we had enjoyed our meals my friends and I continued walking around campus before meeting back at an auditorium for more orientation. From there we went on a guided campus tour which ended at an afternoon tea. I had a lot of fun and had made many friends already.


The following day was a Saturday and after an evening exploring the downtown area we had a sleep in, we then went down town to check out the infamous ‘fake’ markets. Although I did not buy anything it was an awesome opportunity to have a look at all the replica watches and shoes and listening to people bargaining with the store owners. Afterwards we had a lovely dinner and headed back to campus.


The following Monday marked the first day of classes, we managed to track down every class and collected all the information we would need over the next few weeks. Before I knew it, I had completed my first week at CUHK. On Saturday the university had organised a trip around Shenzhen for us, we boarded the bus bright and early at 8am sharp and headed to what we had been told was the oldest part of Shenzhen. When we arrived I was pleasantly surprised, I knew Shenzhen was a very modern city, give or take 30 years old so I did not expect too much. What I saw was some lovely traditional Chinese architecture, after taking a tour around the old village a lovely buffet lunch was put on with some live music as entertainment. After lunch we boarded the bus again and drove back into the city centre to visit two museums. The museums taught me a lot about the history of Shenzhen, all of which I found very interesting.


After that we headed to the OFC lofts, the youngest part of town that had only been described as ‘hipster’. Upon arrival I immediately knew what they had meant by hipster, there was street art everywhere, mini markets and some cool outdoor restaurants. A group of friends and I ate there for dinner and then jumped back on the bus to campus. It was an amazing day, we all made sure to thank the coordinators profusely.

We had a relaxing day on Sunday and that concluded my first week at CUHK. I am very excited to see what else CUHK has to offer us all!




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