Sophie: Awesome Stuff to do in and around Lund!

There is so much to do in Lund! You don’t necessarily need to travel out of the country, or even the city to have a good time! There are lots of ways to get out into the nature around Lund, which is stunning in both winter and summer! Whether by bike, bus or train, lots of beautiful places are easily accessible! Check out the local national parks such as Dalby, Söderåsens, Kullaberg lighthouse, and Ven Island!

Söderåsens National Park in winter – it would be just as gorgeous in summer, I’m sure!


In summer, it is also well worth checking out the Dalby Quarry if you want to have a swim on a sunny day! It’s a gorgeous bike ride from Lund, but if you’re worried about the heat and trying to carry water with you (as there is nowhere to fill up drink bottles at the Quarry), then buses make the trip shorter and easier! There is also a BBQ at the Quarry which makes for a great lunch or dinner away from the city!

Dalby’s National Park – the smallest in Europe!
The Quarry on a sunny day!

Lomma beach is also a good bike ride or an easy bus ride out from the city, and makes for a nice day out in summer!

It’s just as nice to take time to hang out in the city though – a picnic in the Botanical gardens is gorgeous in summer, and great fun if you can get a frisbee or a ball to throw around from one of the op shops.

Enjoying a bike ride around the summery fields in Lund!

In winter, it’s great fun to have pot-luck dinners or parties with a good crowd of people, or get together with a couple of friends just to cook dinner or do some baking!

Baking kannelbullar, YUM! Everything tastes better fresh out of the oven!

Recipe for kannelbullar (cinnamon buns): cinnamon-buns/

TDC parties are popular in the university corridor-accomodation, in which every room in a corridor to come up with a different game to play (people can opt out if they want to!) and people move around in small groups from room to room playing the different games!

Sittnings are also great fun – a formal 3-course meal, for which people generally dress up, which involves lots of singing! Swedes will all have official song books (but for sittnings they will often print out a songbook too, so don’t stress!), and they’ll pass them around during the dinner for everyone to sign! Write whatever you like in there, or nothing if you prefer! My favourite thing to write is that “Kiwi fruit are named after New Zealand’s native kiwi bird, and were originally called ‘Chinese Goosberries’!” because frankly not enough people know that, or know that a kiwi bird exists in the first place.

Getting excited for a fun and funky Valentine’s Day party!

Other things that are neat to do in Lund:
• Kulturen Museum (most of it is outdoors, so potentially better in nicer weather, but would be gorgeous in winter too!
• Historiska Museet (History Museum of Lund! They’ve got a couple of little bits from NZ in here which is cool!)
• Museum of Sketches
• If you’re keen to have a cosy typical Swedish experience, the Malmö Sauna is awesome! You heat up in the sauna and then jump in the ocean! A must-have experience while in Sweden!
• Check out what events the International Desk, the University Nations, and ESN Lund all have on – there are often game nights, study nights, and options to cook/work for the uni nations, or weekend trips.
• Working for the Nations is a great way to make new friends, and get free food! I really highly recommend it! I especially loved doing the baking nights, or cooking lunches for the Nations! Make sure to check for Facebook pages for “Workers at X Nation”
• I highly recommend joining the Kalmar Nation Spex show – whether you’re performing, or helping out backstage, it’s so much fun! One of my friends did it, and it’s one thing I really regret not getting into while I was here! Every Nation will do a Spex show, but Kalmar is the only Nation that does it in English (which is more fun, both because you understand what’s going on, and also because the audience gets to participate in these shows by yelling “retake!” at the actors!)
• Check what holidays are on – Valborg (Walpurgis) is the biggest holiday in Lund, on April 30th each year, and great fun to be a part of! Also, because Sweden is amazing, they have holidays for all of their sweet treats! For example, kannelbullar is October 4th, and semla is the Swedish treat for Shrove Tuesday.


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