Daniel: Making the month of my final month in Granada

Kia ora everyone! If you can’t already tell from my previous blogs, I’m in love with Granada. From day one I’ve been captivated by its cheap and delicious tapas culture, the relaxed lifestyle and buzzing nightlife. As I’m now in my final month here, I’ve been trying extra hard to make sure I see everything there is to see and get amongst the city as much as possible, so here’s a few ways I’ve been enjoining living in the south of Spain!

The Alhambra

If you know anything about Granada, you know that the Alhambra is probably the most famous part of the city. The Alhambra is a gorgeous palace with historical documents that date back as far as the 9th century. Something I love about Granada is the fact that it has a lovely mix of modern, student life whilst maintain so many elements of its rich history I finally managed to get my ticket (free for Granada residents!) and go see this amazing site with my own eyes. Let’s just say I was NOT disappointed. This was also a pretty amazing exam study break!



Granada Pride Festival

Going to a pride festival has always been something I’ve wanted to do but never got the chance, so what better time to get amongst it that here in Granada? Granada in general has a super open and accepting vibe, and this crazy and colourful festival was proof of that. Hundreds of people of all ages and identities came together to celebrate pride and well, it was beautiful! Very happy to have had this wonderful event to my list of memories here in Spain.




I have definitely mentioned this in a previous blog, but I’ve also been taking advantage of the cheap and quick travel opportunities! You definitely don’t realize how far away we are in NZ until you come to Europe and snatch a $50 bus to another country!! During a public holiday (of which Granada has many…not complaining) my friends and I packed up our stuff for a week in Lisbon, Portugal. If you’re looking at doing an exchange anywhere in Europe, make sure to check out the cities/countries around you and make the most of this amazing world of easy travel!



And of course, I’ve also been indulging in the world of tapas, exploring the caves up in the mountains of Sacromonte and having flat dinners with my friends. Also, these past few weeks have inspired me to put myself out there and keep exploring even when I return to Auckland – it can be easy to get comfortable, but no matter where you are, there is always something to explore.




Will chat to ya’ll in my next (and final) blog where I’ll try to put all my thoughts and feelings on this whole experience into one blog!



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