Sophie: Food in Sweden

In Sweden, the most traditional dish is meatballs with Lingonberry Jam – and it’s
fantastic! For the most Swedish experience possible, go to IKEA and have the
meatballs there – they’re really good! You can buy food in IKEA too, and get some
to take home with you! They have fantastic vegetable-balls also, for people who
are vegetarian or vegan!

The Swedish meatballs are also really easy to make – I made a vegan version of
them with some friends one night! One friend was Swedish, so I don’t have a
recipe to share unfortunately as he was simply working off his memory, but you
can try the recipe in this link if you want to experience it yourself! It works pretty
well to follow the classic recipe for Swedish meatballs, and just replace the mince
with a meat-substitute mince, and use vegan alternatives for milk/cream/butter/
eggs, as that’s what we did for our dinner, and it turned out delicious!

Swedish meatballs:
Swedish veggie-balls:


Typical components of the meal aside from the meatballs are the Lingonberry Jam
and the brown-sauce (essentially like gravy, but over here referred to as ‘Brown
Sauce’) to go with the meatballs; and then potatoes (either mashed, boiled, or
roasted), cooked carrots, and peas! Overall a perfect dish for a cold winter’s night!

As a student here in Lund, you will find that eating out generally isn’t super cheap,
but falafel (or kebab) is very common, and Lundafalafel is widely agreed to be the
best falafel place in the city! They only take cash though, which is handy when you
have some extra kroner you want to get rid of, but otherwise don’t forget to get
some money out before you stop by there!

Shady Burgers is another popular spot among students, as it’s not overly
expensive, but in my opinion it’s well worth whatever extra you pay if you you go to
Tugg Burgers! Sooooo good! And their kumara chips are just as good as their
burgers! In my opinion, Surf Shack is also better than Shady Burgers, without
being quite as expensive as Tugg, and it’s a super relaxed spot that pretty much
lets you create your own burger! It’s right next to the Botoulfplatsen too (the main
bus station in the city centre), which makes it super handy to find!
(Can you tell I really like burgers?)

All of these places have good vegetarian or vegan options too, which is neat! If you
are vegetarian or vegan, you’ll find it fairly easy to find food around Sweden!

Regardless of whether or not you are or aren’t vegetarian or vegan, I have to
recommend Truefood cafe! It’s just great food! And if you are vegan, it makes life
easy! But unfortunately not one of the cheaper spots to eat out in Lund…

Ebba’s is a fantastic spot for a fika*, open fairly late every day, and with amazing
food! I figured it was good when local Swedes recommended it, and it certainly
lived up to expectations! So so good!

ALL TIME FAVOURITE: My absolute #1 spot in Lund to meet friends for fika* was Hoppipolla! If you go there, you’ll understand a lot about who I am as a person. Hoppipolla itself has a lot of personality! It is fun, funky, friendly, social, charming, and absolutely adorable! Maybe not everyone’s scene, but I find it absolutely gorgeous and cosy, with amazing food to boot! They do lots of vegan cakes (not that people who aren’t
vegan can tell the difference with these yummy bites, so don’t be put off if you’re
not vegan!), as well as fresh sandwiches, and the most amazing salads I have had
in my entire life. As someone who isn’t a big fan of coffee myself, the Nutellino
coffee that they do here is delicious! (basically Nutella and coffee, so it would be
hard to be bad, but it’s definitely worth trying when you need a warm pick-me-up!)
The Italian owner is just as lovely as the cafe itself, and I can’t recommend it highly
enough! Point of pride for kiwis: they have a “Mount Maunganui” tea towel hanging
up as a decoration on one of the walls!

*For anyone confused: FIKA
Fika is the act of meeting up with friends and having coffee (or some kind of drink)
and a snack (often a sweet treat!). Asking someone to go for a fika is essentially
asking them to meet for a coffee and catch up. Fika is an awesome part of
Swedish culture!




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