Hazel: St. Andrews Reflection

G’day everyone!

My time at St Andrews has come to an end and it’s time to reflect! I can’t say I’m not sad to be leaving but I am also very excited to be heading home soon.

When I first arrived I felt mostly jet lagged but honestly very ready to step up to the challenge of leaving NZ, and living and studying in a foreign country. I think I did that. I quite quickly found myself some good friends and got used to the small town lifestyle without too many hiccups. One thing that I did not focus on enough, soon enough, was making friends in my courses. I eventually made a couple of friends in Computer Science and one in Psych from my tutorials and labs but that didn’t really happen until the second half of the semester. This meant that, particularly with CompSci, I didn’t have anyone to ask those annoying little questions that aren’t really worth asking the lecturer or tutor when I got stuck on the assignments which were due every two weeks.

One thing that I really enjoyed about the friends that I made in CompSci was that they were mostly girls and having each other in the male dominated course was really nice. We could ask each other questions without fear of having everything ‘man-splained’ to us.

All of my lecturers (except maybe one in Psych who mumbled) were really great. The tutors were great too. My CompSci tutor looked after me really well. I was a little out of my depth in the course but he seemed to really keep an eye out for when I was really lost.

Overall, I had a great time and am so glad that I went. Yes it was expensive but, the amount of priceless life experiences that I’ve had make it worth its weight in gold.



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