Jack: Back in New Zealand

After being back home for a little while I have had some time to reflect on my time spent in Trondheim.

While it is hard to beat the Waitemata Harbour in terms of having nature right outside the city, I certainly miss the forests and lakes just in walking distance of suburbia in Trondheim.

One other thing I appreciated about living in Trondheim was the size of the city, on a day to day basis it was very easy just walking around, so I found myself getting the bus maybe just every few weeks. That being said the price of the busses somewhat incentivized walking or cycling; a 90 minute bus ticket in the city cost slightly more than $7. Point Auckland.

Most of the roads around the city except for the more main roads had a limit of 30, which people stuck to. It made a surprisingly large difference as a pedestrian in terms of feeling a bit safer but it meant that the cars were a lot quieter too.

Since I’ve been back I have made an effort to keep up with my Norwegian, I made friends with an exchange student from NTNU which has allowed me to keep practicing as well as making a new friend along the way.

While the cost of living in Trondheim is relatively similar to that of Auckland, one thing that is way more expensive in Trondheim is going out; whether for food or drink. The reason for this is the high wages in Norway, so you aren’t really paying for the food or drink, but instead to have someone serve it to you! A tip to anyone going to Norway wanting to save money is to make an effort not to eat out!

Day to day the biggest influence being that far north has is on the climate and the amount of light in a day. I really miss the long, long summer days of Norway, but not so much how short they were in the midst of winter. I got a real shock from how bright the sun was when I got back home. The climate though I very much preferred, I am much more suited to the cold rather than the warmth and at least during the time I was there I thought the climate was very well suited to me.

One thing I am sure of is that I will be back, and hopefully to do a PhD or some form of further studies. While 8 months was a good amount of time, and certainly enough to explore and have a good time, I was still always aware that I was leaving in a few months. As well as that I still feel like there is a lot of Norway I haven’t seen (I didn’t even get to Oslo!) I also understand that spring is the best season for Norway; you start getting the longer days but you still have the snow! So yes, I will be back!


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