Bani: CalTech, UCLA, and Holi!

Hi everyone! I’m back.

In this blog post, I want to talk about how I’ve been unwinding at UC Berkeley.

During the second weekend of March, two of my friends and I headed to CalTech or the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena. We were there to observe a hackathon that was happening there. A hackathon is an event that usually lasts about 48 hours where computer programmers come together to make something new.

What followed was one of the greatest weekends I have spent in California!

We started the weekend with an open mic night at one of the residence halls. From death metal, to self-composed acoustic songs, opera songs, and whistling, the students at CalTech showed us what it really means to enjoy music! The night ended with hundreds of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, which obviously, is a great way to end any night.

The next day, we headed out to LA where we walked around the city. Even though it rained the entire time we walked the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it was quite an experience. We then went on to UCLA, which is a beautiful university with one of the best campuses I have ever seen! Our day in LA ended with a trip to Santa Monica pier and then home cooked Indian food at my friend’s cousin’s place.

Walk of Fame (David Bowie’s star!)

Our next morning was spent at Venice beach, which included mangoes, strawberries and basketball games. LA is a fun, vibrant city with some of the most interesting people I have ever met. All of our Uber drivers had something fun to tell us, they were all from different parts of the world, with different stories and opinions about the world.

Venice Beach!


The next big thing at Cal was Holi which is the Indian festival of colours. Hosted by the Indian Students Association, Cal’s Holi celebration is the biggest one on the west coast. Hundreds of kids get together, from every culture, ethnicity and country, and use water and colours to give rise to one of the most colourful celebrations of all time. As you can see in the photos below, taking a shower was quite a pain afterwards (but it was 100% worth it!).



Before Holi!

Cal has one of the most diverse student populations in the world and it is amazing to see them embrace all members of different communities to form one big Cal family. Holi was one of the most memorable days I have spent at Cal and I will never forget how unique, heartwarming and wholesome the whole experience was!

Holi Aftermath!


Shake Shack: 11/10

Sadly, I did not get a picture of the burger I ate at Shake Shack in LA simply because I could not wait long enough to click a picture before I dug in. It was one of the most delicious burgers I have ever tasted and the only word I have for the shake is scrumptious. I think everyone who loves burgers needs to try Shake Shack at least once!


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