Hazel: Nightlife in St. Andrews

Kia Ora everyone,

I think it’s about time I fill you in on the nightlife situation at St Andrews. It is a very small town so it is understandable to assume that there is nothing happening but since there are so many students around there is always something happening.

In terms of places to go for a night out the ‘club’ options are extremely limited. There is the student union club “601” that offers a dancy night club vibe and that’s about it for clubs and even that isn’t very ‘clubby’. One thing that St Andrews has an abundance of is pubs! I really like The Central Pub. It’s close to the music center so it was great for an after rehearsal pint. For a more ‘alternative’ / ‘grunge’ vibe there is Aikman’s. They have lots of indie music events. The Scottish pub culture is quite fun and I definitely recommend the Palmer Violet Gin and Lemonade at central. (It’s purple and will make you feel very fancy)

In terms of regular events, 601 (the union club) has a weekly themed ‘bop’ which is just like a grown up school disco. Very fun. I went to the ABBA Bop, Rewind and the Pride Bop. Sandy’s (the union sports bar) has friday night Karaoke and screens most major sports games. The karaoke is a bit make-shift but it’s very fun. Now, I never went because I didn’t do any sports at St Andrews, but on wednesday nights (I think at the Vic, which is a club-ish pub across the road from the union) they have ‘sinners’, which is sports society night in town.

Beyond those, there are (twice?) weekly Ceilidhs at Forgans which are traditional Scottish dancing nights. No one ever fully knows what they’re doing so there is no pressure to know the dances, you can just turn up and they’ll teach you.

One thing I noticed is that St Andrews has a lot of balls! Pretty much every student society (of which there are probably hundreds) will have a ball at some time throughout the year. And each student accomodation will have a ball as well. As well as the graduation, may, and ed balls balls. (The golf society had a golf ball).

If you get to know some students who life in flats then you’ll probably see that there are always flat parties happening or people jist hosting ‘afters’.

One thing I almost forgot to mention! Things close pretty early! Nothing stays open past 2am and most of the pubs stop serving food at 9 or 10 and drinks at 11 or 12.

Anyway. I hope I’ve covered everything. If not feel free to ask me if you see me round.




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