Ashlynne: Travels Around the UK


So as I write this blog post I only have a month left of my exchange! It’s amazing how fast it’s gone, I can’t believe it’s nearly over! Since this is my second to last blog post I thought I would talk about all the places I have visited while I’ve been on exchange. So I’m going to write these by order I visited them (mostly because I can’t possibly rank them!).

  1. Winchester

So Winchester was the first place that I visited in the United Kingdom because I have some family there. Winchester is a super lovely, but very small city. I would definitely recommend visiting if you’re ever in London as you could as a day trip. The city centre is full of lovely churches, old buildings and rivers which are very picturesque.

  1. York

So after arriving to my new home in Leeds, York was the first place that I visited as it is only a 20 minute train ride away. If you’re in the United Kingdom York is somewhere that you definitely have to visit. York fulfils every dream of the cute English town you’ve ever had. It is full of cute little walkways and cobbled houses. If you do go I would definitely recommend heading to Betty’s for a traditional English afternoon tea.


  1. Snowdonia

Snowdonia is a lovely mountain range that is just over the welsh border. I went there for a day with a few friends from uni and a day was definitely not enough time. We spent the day walking up a couple of different hills and mountains and I saw some of the most incredible landscapes!

  1. Alwick and Durham

So my day trip to Alwick and Durham were satisfying the Harry Potter nerd within myself. Durham and Alwick castle are both in the north of England close to the Scottish border. Alwick castle was where most of the outdoor scenes from all the Harry Potter films, it was absolutely incredible to walk around and actually feel like you’re in Hogwarts! We then went to Durham next which was where a lot other Harry Potter scenes were filmed. Even if you’re not a harry potter fan I would definitely recommend Durham as a place to visit, it has some amazingly old architecture and really cute cafes and restaurants.


  1. London

So London is an entire world within itself. I spent a week in London just before Christmas and I could have easily spent another whole week there! London is a crazy city where there are always something new to see or do. One of the best things I did in London was a massive walk of the city, I started by the Tower of London walked across Tower Bridge, stopped at the Borough markets for lunch, stopped to see Shakespeare’s Globe, saw the Tate Modern, walked across Millennium Bridge and then ended the day at St Paul’s Cathedral – it was an awesome way to see the city! Another awesome thing I did in London was going to a play on the West End, I saw Matilda which was absolutely incredible – I would definitely recommend going to the West End if you’re ever in London, and the area where all the plays are in Covent gardens is one of my favourite parts of the whole city!

  1. Scottish Highlands

So I’ll start the next two paragraphs by saying how much I absolutely love Scotland – out of all the places I’ve visited in the United Kingdom, Scotland is definitely my favourite. So I did a guided tour around the Scottish Highlands which I would definitely recommend, the best places you want to see are quite spread out so you either need to do a road trip or do a guided tour. My favourite place that I visited was the Isle of Skye in North-Western, it was this small beautiful island and I hiked up a massive mountain, the Oldman of Storr, which had the most incredible views of the island.


  1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is probably my favourite city in the United Kingdom, or actually probably my favourite city in the entire world. It’s such a perfectly sized city which means that you can easily walk the entire city and so don’t have catch public transport to anywhere. It’s also a city that feels super old, and you can tell the history the city has just from walking around. My favourite things that I did in Edinburgh was the Christmas markets – which are definitely the best I have seen the food there was incredible! My other favourite thing was Arthur’s seat which is this hill right next to the city I hiked on New Year’s Day and it gives amazing views of the city!


So that’s a summary of the cities I have visited during my time in the United Kingdom!




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