Gabbi: Reflecting on the Semester

Goodbye St Andrews, Hello Glasgow!

My final blog post already! I moved out of St Andrews back in December and currently have just moved into my new accommodation in Glasgow. Although it was sad saying goodbye to St A and all the friends I made there, the excitement about moving to another new Uni has kept me upbeat.

Goodbye St Andrews!

I enjoyed my time in Scotland so much that I’ve extended my exchange over here. I’ll be studying at the University of Glasgow for a semester, still in Scotland but likely to be a very different experience from St Andrews. Time to get back into the swing of city life!

The University of Glasgow
The University cloisters all decked out

Looking back at the semester, I’ve made so many great memories, studied really interesting topics and found some amazing friends. Essentially, I’ve had a whale of a time!

Studying abroad has equipped me with the confidence to move to a completely new place, knowing that I’ll be able to settle in and have a great time. I am now an expert Google mapper, ticket booker and weekend away packer – always ready for another trip.

Edinburgh all lined up

My advice to those planning on studying abroad is to throw yourself into everything and try to make the most of each day as the time truly flies. I would absolutely recommend studying abroad to everyone. Its been such a great opportunity to live in a new country, explore lots of different places and to see how things are done in different parts of the world.

Exploring the Peak District in England

Overall, I’m so glad that I was able to study abroad. This experience has broadened my horizons, created new connections and given me confidence in my abilities when facing something new.

All the best,


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