Hannah: What to See Around St. Andrews

Although there are only three main streets in St. Andrews there is so much to see and do. There is something for everyone; you can explore the outdoors, learn about history, eat some delicious food, drink a beer in a pub or find a quite spot and read. Whatever you enjoy doing, you will be mesmerized by this small and beautiful town.

The Beach

The beach made me feel at home straight away. With the wind ripping through my hair and the smell of salt and fish drifting up my nose I smiled.

I did a beach clean-up on this beach, and it was such a great experience

There are three beaches in St. Andrews and each one is just as spectacular as the next. I love walking along here or just sitting on some rocks and staring out into the ocean.

West Sands is gorgeous in any weather and I would recommend going for a stroll, walk, or run a long it at least once

The Castle and Cathedral

The Castle is absolutely amazing and it is so interesting to learn all the history about it and the town itself. The castle is a must-see if you are studying here.

West Sands is gorgeous in any weather and I would recommend going for a stroll, walk, or run a long it at least once

The Cathedral is great to stroll around and look at some of the old gravestones. The amazing thing is that the cathedral is beautiful in both sunshine and rain.



One thing that is a must-do in St. Andrews is climbing up the cathedral tower; the winding, plentiful steps are worth it. The view is absolutely breathtaking (literally and metaphorically).

You can see the whole town from up there


There are so many little bookstores scattered around St. Andrews. My personal favourite is Topping and Company Booksellers of St. Andrews. It has ladders, a fireplace, couches to read on, free tea and coffee, and so many books.



There are so many cafes around St. Andrews. My friend and I have decided to visit a new one every week and this is my list of my personal favourites.

  1. Bibis Café
  2. Janettas Gelateria (They have the best ice cream)
  3. The Waffle Company
  4. North Point Café
  5. The Cottage Kitchen

Also get a fudge donut from Donaldson and Fisher, they are delicious.


Groceries: In town, I would recommend going to Tescoe (although it is quite pricey and always busy). Otherwise I would go to Aldi, it is a bit further away but also a lot cheaper.

Clothes: There are loads of charity/second hand stores. I found some amazing things in these. There is also H&M which has a fair amount of clothes. If you are wanting to do some more clothes shopping there is a whole shopping mall in Dundee (they have Primark etc).

Stationery: You can buy stationery in a variety of shops in St. Andrews. I think it depends on what you are after, I would recommend just walking along market street and going into a few to decide which ones strike your interest.

Sunsets and Sunrises

One thing that is easily done but so worth it is trying to catch the sunrise or sunset. As we are now getting closer to winter this is getting easier to do as the sun rises at around 8 in the morning and sets just before 4 at night. So you should be able to catch at least one of these stunning works of nature.




Each sunrise and sunset is slightly different and you can generally just catch them walking around town or on the beach at certain times.


Edinburgh is just over an hour away on the train so it is easy to get to and I would recommend going here for the Christmas Markets and just in general.


The Coast

The entirety of the fife coast is breathtaking and you can either walk along the fife coastal path or drive along the road (which is what I did as it was pouring with rain when I went). There are so many quaint towns along the way and a wide selection of cafes to stop at for a hot drink.


If you have any questions about the exchange or St. Andrews please do not hesitate to email me at hfre260@aucklanduni.ac.nz


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