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Hi guys! So, this is my final blog for the semester! I had my last exam a few weeks ago and I am still waiting for my grades. I still have a few weeks ‘til I leave South Korea and I am going to make sure I travel, eat and shop a lot during my remaining time. Since this last blog post should be a wrap up of the few months being here, I will first start with a summary of my highs and lows and then my final thoughts.



Almost every moment of my stay here in South Korea was a high for me. Studying at Yonsei was different but it was great. The food here is cheap and delicious. Travelling was my favourite part though. I made myself busy almost every weekend to travel around South Korea. That way, I did the most travelling I ever did for four months in my entire life. Every Friday night, I would be excited planning for the weekends and considering where to go next. I especially enjoyed going to historical landmarks and I loved listening to the explanations of meanings of monuments, buildings and artefacts. I really developed an interest in Korean culture and history and my understanding of South Korea is now of a whole different level. This was one of my biggest goals when first coming here and I am really proud to say I have achieved it successfully.

MBC Broadcasting Station, Ilsan


SeoDaemun Prison Museum: where Korean liberation activists were imprisoned during the Japanese Colonial Period

Korean Independence Gate
CheonggyeCheon River


I found it really difficult to pick the lows during my stay. But one thing that did really stress me out was studying in Korean! As I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts, I took three papers at Yonsei and out of the three papers, I took one course in Korean and the other two in English. The Korean taught course was a pretty difficult course as it concerned Public Economics. I really struggled learning economic jargons in Korean and understanding the Korean Economy and past and current government policies regarding public economics. This course was obviously the most difficult for me and I spent most of my study time studying for this course. I personally recommend you all to take courses in English unless you are very fluent and confident in the foreign language. Korean is my mother tongue language and I speak fluent Korean so I assumed it would not be different from studying in English. However, learning about Public Economics in Korean was definitely the biggest challenge for me. I did see a huge improvement in my understanding of the Korean Economy and I did develop a higher level of Korean vocabulary. So, I guess all the hard work did pay off after all!

Study Notes for my Korean taught course
“Write myself a Letter” Booth

Final Thoughts

I remember the first day of Yonsei University, when I was late for my first class and had no idea where the lecture room was. At that moment, it really hit me that I was in a completely different environment surrounded by complete strangers. I remember how scared I was then. Nevertheless, as I made friends and as the campus got more familiar, it really felt like home.

Staying in South Korea for the past few months was amazing. It was a big step out of my comfort zone and it really helped me learn so much about not only South Korea but about myself too. Living in a completely different environment really motivates you to see yourself and your life in a different perspective. I hope anybody (and everybody) reading my blog posts are now more motivated to try out this amazing 360 exchange opportunity!

Korean Street Food (Less than NZ$15 for the whole lot)
Changdeokgung Palace

Any Questions? Contact Me!

If you guys have any questions about studying in Yonsei or South Korea, feel free to contact me via my email:

I will have lots of tips on how to study at Yonsei and some good ideas on what to do to make the most of your stay in South Korea!

Final Good Bye!

I am actually now heading to Singapore in a few weeks. I have applied for a consecutive one semester exchange programme at Nanyang Technological Institute in Singapore. I won’t be writing for the 360 ambassadors blog during my stay in Singapore, but if any of you are coming to Singapore this semester or if any of you have any questions about exchange study at Singapore, then feel free to email me too! Thank you guys so much for reading my blogs and all the best for all the opportunities ahead of you!

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