Accommodation Awards – John

I’ll introduce you guys the on-campus accommodation that I’m currently staying in. The place is called Ridge View Residential College (RVRC) and it consists of five blocks (A, B, C, D, E), a tower block and the main administration building where the dining hall is. I’ll divide this blog into three sections so it will be somewhat of a review.


I’d say that RVRC has one of the best locations out of all the on-campus housing / school hostels. Most of the on-campus shuttle buses (A1, A2, B1, B2, C, D1, D2) are within walking distances of around 3 minutes from my place. And yes, NUS have on-campus shuttle buses that operate on a regular basis because the campus is too big to walk around. Also, it is quite close to University Town (UTown), where all the good things are at such as good food, plenty of study spaces and STARBUCKS. I have classes all over the place including the science block, Biz (Business school) and FASS (Faculty of Arts and Social sciences) so the location was perfect for me as all the buses were within a few minutes of walking distance.


As RVRC is quite a large residential college, we have many cleaners working to clean the walkways, toilets, and other facilities. Other than the cleanliness, I’d say that the number one necessity while living in Singapore would be an air conditioner. But in RVRC, we don’t have one.

The good thing about facilities is that we have the University Sports Centre within 5 minutes walking distance. It has an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, and a gym. If you’re a student at NUS, it’s all FREE. As the weather in Singapore is extremely hot and humid, staying in the pools is the best thing to do when it gets too hot.



Here’s a picture of a typical dinner meal in RVRC. RVRC has a compulsory meal plan included for students. I’m not sure whether it applies for other students but it does for exchange students. The food is undoubtedly cheap as it costs about $3 per breakfast and $4 per dinner. For this price, the food is worth the price. It’s not that great, but it’s not too bad! I normally wake up late so I rarely eat breakfast but I’ve heard that the breakfast meals are better than the dinner meals. The meal plan is divided into a few cuisines including Asian, Malay, Indian, Western and Noodles so you are given quite a variety of choices.
In conclusion, I personally like RVRC except for the fact that there is no air-con! I made quite a few good friends from RVRC, so I don’t have to eat every meal by myself. We made some good memories while having some late night noodle sessions and overnight talks. Overall, it has good accessibility to plenty of facilities and the food here is not that bad, too.

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