Accommodation Awards – Lucy

As I said on my last blog post, I am not staying at the school dorm. I rent a separate little house far from campus, outside of Seoul. These little houses are called “Offistels” in South Korea. It is a combination of the two words “Office” and “Hotel” together. The place is basically a one room house with all the basics in a very small space. The “offistels” are about the size of a one room apartment in Auckland City. I pay approximately 850 NZ dollars a month for the “Offistel” but all other bills – such as electricity, water and internet – I have to pay separately.

I usually take the bus to uni, which takes approximately 30 minutes to one hour – depending on the traffic and what bus I take (there are so many options!). I could take the subway to school as well! The subway is very popular in South Korea. It takes you to almost anywhere in Seoul and KyungKi-Do. It is very fast and convenient but it is almost impossible to get a seat in the mornings so I prefer taking the bus in the mornings.

I will explain how the on-campus accommodation works at Yonsei, just in case you guys are curious about them. Yonsei’s on-campus dorms are amazing. It takes less than 5 minutes to walk to the dorm from the main campus area – but this really depends on whereabouts in the campus you are because the campus is huge – and beautiful!

There are two main dormitory buildings in Yonsei Sinchon Campus. The first one is called the International House. This building offers double rooms only – you will have to have a roommate – and there are common bathrooms on each floor. Other than that, there are various facilities including a study room, a lounge, a laundry room, a seminar room and a kitchenette. These are shared by the residents of the building. The second building is called the SK Global House. This building offers both single and double rooms and a private bathroom in each room. Compared to the International House, there are more facilities included like a Music Room and a Multi-functional room. I found that most exchange students stay in the SK Global House because it is more convenient and has more facilities.


Living in the dorms gives you access to the amazing and busy city life of South Korea. There are so many restaurants, cafes, and bars that open all night in Sinchon. Also, you will be able to make friends from all over the world by living in the dorms. The transport is so convenient so you will be able to take yourself to almost anywhere in the country. On the other hand, living off campus may be a bit cheaper, but you would be exposed to a different side of South Korea – not only the busy city but the relatively relaxed KyungKi- area. Whichever you prefer, I have no doubt you will enjoy the experience! I will come back with more exciting stories in the next one! Thanks so much for reading.

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