Accommodation Awards – Atharva

Hello all! Firstly, I’d like to say that I am now a certified adult. How, you may ask? The other day, I bought a box of eggs and checked all six of them before putting them in my trolley. It makes me quite proud and a little emotional to witness this transformation in my personal character. Anyway, onto the main topic of the blog…

I’ve now spent a good month at Chamberlain Hall. The “hall” is in fact a group of five buildings called blocks, named A-E and all built in a loose semi-circle. My room is on the third floor and in Flat A. A “flat” comprises of 10 rooms and a shared kitchen and dining area. I share this area with nine other amazing people who are really amazing (they read my blog, so I had to chuck in a mention). Chamberlain Hall comes under Glen Eyre Halls Complex, a complex of several halls which are all in the same area.

Blocks A, B, C, D and E of Chamberlain Hall. (Google Maps)

Glen Eyre is about a 10-15 minute walk from the University and is serviced by a couple of buses. I walked to and from Uni during the first week, before I found out which buses to catch and their timings. Thankfully, that cut my freezing ten minute trek down to a warm and seated five minutes.

Speaking of, the weather has been horrible for the past few days. Folk here experience a similar weather phenomenon as we do back home. Just how we get the odd polar blast from Antarctica which brings bone-chilling southerlies, here they get winds from the Arctic and Siberia. The recent one being dubbed the “Beast from the East” which has resulted in snow and UK-wide disruption. Just as we recovered from that, a snow storm from the Channel came up on the first day of March and dumped some snow, overnight.

I made my first snow angel and ended up with a wet bum, but it was worth it!

Since the weather is like this all day, I’ve been staying in my room, cranking up the radiator under my desk and working through some assignments. Fortunately, all rooms have radiators (at least in my Hall) and double-glazed windows which keep us alive and warm.

My room consists of an en suite toilet and shower, a double bed, a wardrobe and a desk and chair for me to do my work on. It’s one of three categories of rooms which you can choose from. The other two being a smaller room with en suite facilities and a non-en suite option. My parents and I thought it would be best to go for the bigger, en suite room because I’ll be spending a comfortable six months here (before moving out during the summer break) and then hopefully coming back to stay at Chamberlain or any other hall in the Glen Eyre Complex for Semester 1.

Here’s a little drawing of my room. It’s not a mess at all. I can only blame the poor lighting for no actual photos.

So far, I’ve successfully submitted a couple of assignments, made some new friends in my lectures and labs and gone out a few times with my flatmates. Once this snowy weather goes away soon, I should be able to emerge out of my bunker and do some groceries. So that’s me for the time being. Thanks for reading…See ya soon!

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